For Seniors Today … You Have Choices in Living Life ‘Your Way’


From Home Helpers of GA & AL

Live life your way.

Think about that for a second … “your way.” That’s powerful. It’s a term our society defines as strength, independence, and confidence.

Yet for seniors today – those folks entering their golden years – “your way” can quickly fade to confusion, anxiety and uncertainty.

The senior living industry is complex and difficult to navigate, especially when it comes to selecting an in-home healthcare provider.

Three areas are vital to consider when making that choice:

• Do you select an agency here in Coweta County or an individual who works independently, like a neighbor or relative or fellow church member?

• What level of care or service do you require?

• And lastly and most importantly, what is the cost?

Agency vs. Independent

Home Helpers of Georgia and Alabama is an agency which provides comprehensive in-home healthcare. And for Home Helpers, “in-home” can be defined in many ways – in your hospital or rehabilitation room, your skilled care or assisted living room, your independent living apartment or your home or residence of many years. That’s “your way” wherever you call home.

Home Helpers employs certified and trained caregivers to provide specific health and personal care assistance and nursing services. Home Helpers is the employer and handles all the necessary tax and payroll requirements for each caregiver, plus is bonded, assuming the risk and coverage liability along with worker’s compensation insurance and has an administrative staff that manages the schedule and fill ins if a caregiver needs to take time off. Their lineup of exceptional caregivers makes sure a client’s activities of daily living, skilled healthcare oversight and services like medication management continue without interruption.

An independent contractor assumes the personal risk and liability themselves, plus the client is responsible for social security taxes, Medicare, unemployment compensation, workers compensation, withholding payroll taxes and filing government forms. And if they need time off, who will fill in? They are not obligated to find a replacement.

Another layer of administrative policies to also consider is a new Georgia law. Anyone with direct access to seniors – whether an agency or independent – is required to have a fingerprint background check, performed through the Georgia Criminal History Check System. Home Helpers ensures all of its caregivers undergo fingerprint background checks to comply with state regulations.

Care Levels and Service

Regarding care levels and needs, Home Helpers caregivers keep records of services performed for each client and report any changes in status to his/her supervisor. The agency supervises the caregivers, including regular visits to check on the work each is doing.

In fact, Home Helpers will tailor an in-home care plan to fit a client’s lifestyle and provide companion and personal care services such as bathing, dressing, feeding and transferring, light housekeeping, medication reminders, errands and much more. That’s “your way” and the choices you’ve selected.

An independent contractor has no formalized supervisor for guidance nor an on-going training program for flexibility in care when a client’s needs change.

What about the cost

Finally there is the cost factor. Realistically, price should never be a barrier to receiving exceptional care. And Home Helpers offers its impressive, comprehensive list of services as low as $16 per hour – as competitive a rate as any in Coweta County.

Privately-employed caregivers may appear less expensive at first glance, but when you consider the care coverage gaps for holidays and time off, the personal risk and liability plus the responsibilities of tax and payroll requirements that fall on you, maybe cheaper is not better.

Just remember, when your loved one is recovering from a surgery, illness or injury, a little help goes a long way. And since 2007, Home Helpers of Georgia and Alabama has been providing that help and helping seniors live life “their way.” They have maintained a commitment of exceptional care with proven solutions and outstanding caregivers for your senior loved one.

For more information, call or text 678-597-9510 and ask for Home Helpers’ no-obligation, face-to-face meeting in your home and take advantage of the March pricing special. You can also visit

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