Givers’ guide to Valentine’s Day jewelry


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Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to bring a little sunshine into a special someone’s life. Nestled between the end of the holiday rush and the beginning of spring renewal, Valentine’s Day occurs at a time of year when days are short, weather is chilly and people might be looking for an excuse to celebrate.

Gifts that accompany romantic sentiments expressed on Valentine’s Day can make the holiday that much more memorable. The National Retail Federation says that around 20 percent of Valentine’s celebrants are expected to buy jewelry as gifts. CNN reports that Americans spent $4.7 billion on jewelry in 2018 for Valentine’s Day.

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These tips can help Valentine’s Day celebrants as they give that special someone jewelry.

• Opt for jewelry only if you’re in an established relationship. Roma Designer Jewelry says jewelry can “speak” commitment without saying a word. Those who are living together, have been dating for some time or married couples are good candidates for exchanging jewelry, which can reinforce couples’ commitment to one another.

• Mark milestones. Use jewelry to celebrate not only Valentine’s Day, but also milestone events. Jewelry can be given on a special birthday or anniversary in commemoration of children being born and other special moments.

• Take note of style. Scour social media posts or peek inside an existing jewelry box to use as a visual guide for clues regarding the style of jewelry your partner prefers. This makes shopping easier and increases the chances the item will be a hit.

• Pay attention to allergies. Metal allergies are a consideration when purchasing jewelry. Earrings tend to be the biggest culprits for allergic reactions because posts are inserted into the earlobe. If you’re unsure if your partner has a metal allergy, stick to sterling silver and 14k gold. Always opt for nickel-free materials.

• Plan in advance. Many jewelry stores run sales throughout the summer and the fall, so shoppers can get jewelry at a discount at these times. Zales recommends staying informed of special deals through a favorite jewelry retailer by signing up for emails. Engraving time may be longer around Valentine’s Day, so plan accordingly.

• Stick with simple classics. Those who are unsure what to buy can opt for simple, classic items. Stay away from anything with a lot of color or beading. Small, delicate items tend to have universal appeal.

Jewelry is a popular Valentine’s Day gift. When buyers put the time in to find the right piece, they can be confident knowing they’ve given that special someone an item they will cherish for years.

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