Gobblin Up Hunger


Not long ago, Mike Menese decided he wanted to help out the less fortunate. So he gathered friends, family and local first responders to help out in what he wants to become an annual event – Goblin Up Hunger.

“We went to multiple hotels,” Menese said. “We were just out to feed people who were homeless, displaced from the tornado, COVID or simply life. 

“The Sheriff’s Department here in Coweta County have been very helpful with this along with my mom, a member of Grace Baptist Church, Stacy Benefield with Bridging The Gap, Frieda Bright with the Coweta County School Transportation Department and Sheriff Lenn Wood,: menese added.

“Dan Cross, another friend of mine, assisted with putting together and distributing food,” Menese said. “We had so much fun and inspired so many to get involved, which was a goal of mine.  As you can see in one of the pics, cars were lined up to be loaded with prepared food!”

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