Grizzard Games, Treasure Hunt coming to Coweta County


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Two exciting events are coming to Coweta County this year which honor local authors. This pair of events are the Lewis Grizzard Games and the Hunt for the Lost Treasure of Coweta.

The Lewis Gizzard Games, a series of athletic competitions and celebrations, will take place June 22-24. Lewis Grizzard, the internationally known humorist, columnist and entertainer, began his career as a sports journalist. From his youth as a high school letterman athlete throughout his adult life, Lewis loved and played many sports. He is remembered as an avid tennis player and golfer. The Lewis Gizzard Games, honoring the athletic author, will give participants a chance to compete for prizes in these games as well as showcase his writing. Loyal fans can reminisce and new ones can discover his wit and wisdom.

Later in the fall, the Hunt for the Lost Treasure of Coweta will honor the work of two local authors, Edward and Helen Wolak, in a month-long event. Beginning September 1, treasurer hunters will search for lost relics and ruins throughout Coweta County. Clues will be released weekly, and treasure hunters will scour the county for its trove of historic jewels. On September 30, in a finale celebration, the first to complete the hunt will be rewarded with the Grand Prize: one troy ounce of gold (valued 2/28/2023 $1823). Other valuable and fantastic prizes will be awarded as well.

Long-time members of the former Moreland Community Historical Society, Edward and Helen Wolak created a remarkable account of the settlements and early towns, now long gone, in their county. Vanished Communities of Coweta County includes geographic plotting of locations for the early pioneer settlements which laid the foundations of the towns which replaced them. Additionally, the Wolaks created a map plotting these locations. This work is an invaluable reference tool.

In conjunction with the Hunt for the Lost Treasure of Coweta, photographs and stories of these locations and other relics will be captured and added to this original work. The new revised publication will be available in early 2024; all proceeds from the new book will support the works of the event sponsor, the Moreland Cultural Arts Alliance, Inc.

The Moreland Cultural Arts Alliance, Inc. (MCAA) is the sponsor of both the Lewis Grizzard Games and Hunt for the Lost Treasure of Coweta. MCAA operates the Moreland museums dedicated to Lewis Grizzard and to Erksine Caldwell as well as sponsors programs and projects which fulfill its mission to preserve the history and culture of the area. The mission of the Moreland Cultural Arts Alliance, Inc. is to protect, foster, and promote the cultural arts and heritage of the Moreland community and to celebrate the writing of Erskine Caldwell and Lewis Grizzard.

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