Lee-King Pharmacy: It’s Porcelain; I can’t believe it’s not metal!


The look of metal with the convenience of porcelain. That’s what you’ll get with this elegant, yet practical dishware now at Lee-King Pharmacy in Newnan.

These dishes combine the elegance and care-free attributes of Titanium with beauty of high-fired, white porcelain or hand-made textured and colored glass. Unique in their combination of materials and striking in design, they fit today’s lifestyles and are dishwasher safe. You can warm up your dishes in the oven, and keep dessert in the freezer. These products are scratch resistant and stain and tarnish-free.

Visit all three locations in Newnan – Lee-King Pharmacy, Lee-Goodrum Pharmacy and Lee-Goodrum Eastside – as each has unique decor and gift selections and you’ll get the same personal service plus Free City Delivery of your prescriptions. Check out their Facebook Page.

Lee-King Pharmacy, 18 Cavender Street, 770-253-1622

Lee-Goodrum Pharmacy, 40 Hospital Road, 770-253-1121

Lee-Goodrum Eastside, 134 Millard Farmer Industrial Boulevard, 770-251-4808

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