Mr. Personality: The ‘Free’ Paper, Newnan Strong and Witches


By MR. PERSONALITY, Special to The Paper

August, the month of my 72nd birthday. I checked my 2021 calendar and I was totally surprised to see nothing listed for the whole month of August, not even my birthday.

I wrote my first column four years ago in June of 2017. You can find that posted on my Facebook page if you want to refresh your memory or perhaps to read it for the first time.

My column and John Winters’ publications have been a blessing for me throughout the past four years.
It is indeed fun as well as a very classy paper professionally done and most unique as well as informative. It is indeed my honor and pleasure for me to have my column printed in The “Free” Paper.

The word “free” is truly much more than just no cost to you. It is indeed free in the very sense what “freedom of the press” is intended to mean and represent for the past 400 years.

When the freedom of the press goes away your very freedom is in grave danger of going away as well. That is exactly why and how freedom of the press was born.

The Courthouse Square is undergoing a most interesting transformation as people are moving out while others are moving in. This is why I love the Courthouse Square. It simply keeps adjusting itself to meet everyone’s needs that love to shop there.

I’m a witness to the people in Newnan that are also making adjustments due to the changes of COVID-19 and the tornado. The can-do spirit is indeed alive and well in Newnan.  “Newnan Strong” is not just a phrase but a heartfelt sincere attitude. I’ve yet to meet anyone having a pity party as they are too busy helping each other.

Speaking of COVID-19, I got my first shot last week, with my second vaccine to be taken August 13th, which is also Friday the 13th.

Before I introduce my Book of the Month, I want to express my thanks to House of Light where I’m allowed to check out their awesome books of wisdom in person for my “Book of the Month.” I encourage everyone to keep an open mind and experience these books for yourself.

If any of the books I recommend fail to challenge your comfort zone or make you think, you have the wrong book. This month’s book is (drumroll please) The Art of Witch by Fiona Horne. Now, before you judge a book by its title, I suggest you look Fiona Horne up on your computer. I found her to be more amazing than her book.

She wrote this book for other modern witches and she is well aware that some are truly sincere in the pursuit of true Witchcraft and others just play at being witches.

Fiona Horne has written many such books about witches and being a witch. The word “witch” has been misunderstood for hundreds of years due to bad press from the Church.

Fact of the matter is, a true witch is a healer with many gifts, among them is speaking with spirits, telepathy, and telekinesis, just to name a few.

This is an ability we all can have, but it must be developed. Knowledge of plants and herbs is an important part of being a witch as well.

If you think I’ve lost my mind, wait till you read about the book I have chosen for September! Practice having an open mind and an open heart; shop on the Courthouse Square; and pick up one of John Winters’ copies of The “Free” Paper.

Until next month.
Peace, joy, love
Mr. Personality

Spiritual Love Letters Ministry
c/o The Paper,
PO Box 757, Newnan, GA 30264

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