Newnan High Prom remains set for May 1 with a wonderful gesture


EDITOR’S NOTE – Below is a letter to the Newnan High School senior class from Principal Chase Puckett.


Good morning seniors.  I hope you are safe and doing well.

After speaking with our prom committee, we are most definitely still going to have a prom for you this year on May 1.  We are also going to cover the cost of the tickets for all of our seniors and their dates.

We have extended the deadline to submit your prom packets to April 28.  For now, you can email your completed packets to our bookkeeper at   For those who do not have access to a printer or do not have the paper packets we gave out before the storm, give me until after Spring Break and I will have a location where you can pick up and drop off prom packets.  Don’t sweat that right now, as I need a bit more time to work out those details.  While it’s not much, I hope this helps somewhat in this crisis.

Again, you will not have to pay the $60 for you or your date.   If you have already paid for your tickets,  we will be refunding the cost of your tickets before the end of this semester. Please use this money elsewhere to help your families out.  Also, if you lost your prom dress or tuxedo in the storms or are unable to get one, send me an email and I will connect you to Elevate or some of our other community partners to see if we can help you out.

Hang in there.  If you are without food, clothing, or shelter or in some type of crisis, please do not hesitate to send me an email or a text through our Remind app and we will do what we can to connect you to resources.  Our staff members love and miss you seniors!  Be safe.  We will see you soon.

Stay Newnan Strong!  Love you kiddos.

Dr. P
Chase Puckett, NHS principal

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