Notes from Jackson Street: Handling 2021 after whatever 2020 was!


By John A. Winters, Publisher

The first column of the year traditionally takes a look back at what transpired the previous year, and then looks forward to new hopes, new horizons. I don’t think anyone wants to look back at 2020, and as it stands, 2021 may well be worse than its little brother before things hopefully improve.

There is a meme floating around regarding how to handle the year 2021. I encourage you to follow it with all your heart: 

Nobody claim 2021 as “your year.”
We’re all going to walk in real slow.

Be good. Be quiet.
Don’t. Touch. Anything.

Let us be quiet. Let us continue to wear a mask, wash our hands and watch our distance. Let us be kind and let us always remember those frontline folks trying to save lives every day in this crazy virus world. 

There is a letter from Mike Robertson, CEO of Piedmont Newnan, about the current COVID-19 situation at the hospital. It is on page 23 and I hope you will take the time to read it.

I don’t really know how to politely describe 2020. At least not in words. I mean nothing I want my future grandkids to read. Let us just say it pretty much ruined everything. Proms, weddings, vacations, jobs. Little bastard isn’t this virus?

We lost some great little joints as well. Not that wacky tobacky you smoke but those tucked away local restaurants. The ones we like to feature in our The Joints. Among them …

Huddle House: We loved this place off of the Moreland exit. Joked it was an upscale Waffle House, but some of their house specials were pretty damn good. Cheese steaks, fried shrimp and their country fried steak always put a smile on my face. 

Cafe Dionne: Everytime I went in there I just felt I was in New Orleans, ordering some of the best shrimp and grits around and waiting on the Jazz trio to start. I hope they land elsewhere. High quality.

Mother’s Kitchen: Literally a back alley joint favored by judges, politicians, law enforcement and well, anybody else who knew about the gem. Mother was the stereotypical Southern cooking matron. Her fried chicken and pork chops and traditional veggies will be sorely missed. 

Fat Boys: A literal hole in the wall where the ceilings were low and the cigarette smoke was even lower. When asked my top three favorite places to eat, Fat Boys was always up there. Best hamburger  and country fried steaks around, and some to die for fried shrimp and brisket. I always called it the 17th best dive bar in America. 

Some closed because they could not afford to stay open when employees could make more money on unemployment. Others decided it was just time to retire. They will be missed.

Fortunately, we have new restaurants popping up so stay tuned as we discover some more candidates for The Joints. 

That is if we ever get through this political nightmare in Georgia. 

According to the experts who track these things, upwards of half-a-billion dollars has or will be spent on the two U.S. Senate runoffs here. Let’s say that again, $500,000,000.00. And 90 percent of that money has been spent by the candidates and political action groups saying how awful the opponent is. 

The flat out lies and half truths being slung about should be an embarrassment to the candidates. And I simply cannot believe we can’t put $500 million to something other than name calling. No political seat is worth this.

By the time this column comes out, we will have winners in both races. The only positive thing I see is that my texts will drop by 90 percent, as will my mailbox.

Stay safe. Be kind to each other. Wear a mask.

This too shall pass.

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