Mr. Personality: Making rounds along the downtown Newnan Square


By Mr. Personality, Special to The Paper

January, the month for celebrating a New Year and Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

On Dec. 5, I was invited to celebrate a dear friend’s birthday at Knife and Stone, located at 30 Perry St. I had a window seat and I found the place to be very busy. The food was very tasty and the service was indeed excellent.

I hope to revisit Knife and Stone again soon and yes, they are Mr. Personality approved. Be sure to call them at 770-683-2524 and experience them for yourself.

I am happy to see many new stores about to open on the Courthouse Square and I am truly excited at how this beautiful town of Newnan is growing in all directions, good sign, yes indeed. 

I am grateful to have so many personal friends on the Courthouse Square, such as everyone at GIllyweeds, the Red Letter Merchant, and the Carnegie Library.

By the way, the rose I carry in my mouth has been provided free of charge by Murphey Florist as needed for the past eight years. A kindness and a blessing I am truly grateful for. Thank you Hutch Murphey.

It is no secret that Christy’s Cafe is my favorite place for my favorite meal – breakfast. Next door to Christy’s is the House of Light, a most excellent place to relax and meditate. I am there for an hour most days of the week.

Vania LaBott of House of Light has many talents and one is baking tasty fruit cakes, a Christmas gift from her heart to mine. If you have not visited House of Light, I suggest you do so. The very atmosphere that permeates the entire place is worth the trip to experience it. 

In fact, I see all the many people on the Courthouse Square as my dear friends. However, I can not list them all here, I will, however, be speaking of them in my future columns. 

The book of the month is titled “You Are What You Think” by David Stoop. This book addresses the effect of our negative self-talk and the ways we can improve what we say to ourselves for a more positive life experience. A good read, indeed.

My dear friends,  I want to remind you that we have an opportunity for a fresh new start with this brand new year of 2021. Let us make the most of it by coming together in heart, mind and spirit, creating a brighter, better year for all of us. 

This can be accomplished by simply choosing our thoughts, words, actions and deeds more carefully as we embrace each other spirit to spirit, keeping in mind that God lives within each of us so let us act always from our highest self as we come together for the common good of all humankind.

Until next time, 

Happy New Year to all!

Mr. Personality

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