Senoia Police Officer Alexis Callaway named First Friday Hero


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Piedmont Newnan Hospital has named Officer Alexis Callaway with the Senoia Police Department the organization’s First Friday Hero for the month of April.

Officer Callaway sprang into action when a four-week-old baby suddenly began to choke. The officer arrived on the scene and rushed into the child’s home, knowing the 9-1-1 caller stated the baby was choking and wasn’t breathing. She saw the grandmother had the baby and immediately began to administer first aid. The officer has been CPR certified since she was 16 years old. She was calm and knew what to do.

After performing first aid, which included repeatedly patting the baby’s back and turning him, bodycam footage showed the child successfully spit out the obstructing liquid and began to breathe normally. The life-saving technique is administered with the baby angled downward. It is designed to release anything that could be obstructing the airway.

“As medical professionals, we know CPR is much different on an infant or child than an adult and we are thankful for this family that Officer Callaway knew what to do,” said Vicki Kaiser, COO at Piedmont Newnan. “Because of her knowledge, calm demeanor and ability to quickly assess and take over, the baby is alive and well.”

Officer Callaway’s act of bravery was rewarded with the Senoia Police Department’s Life Saving Award. Officer Callaway, who joined the department in 2020, is a school resource officer during the day, but patrols the streets of Senoia when school lets out.

“It was the first time I had to perform CPR on an infant, so I’m thankful I had the training and knew what to do,” said Officer Callaway. “I recently saw the family out at a restaurant and it was so nice to see them again and know that they are doing well.”

A ceremony with Officer Callaway, and hospital leadership, was held at the Senoia Police Department on April 14, 2023, where the officer was presented with a certificate, a photo frame, and a poster recognizing her as Piedmont Newnan’s First Friday Hero. Her story is also featured throughout the hospital on commemorative posters and Piedmont Newnan’s social media pages.

“Their line of work is often a thankless job and we want to make the community aware of our local heroes and all they do to make our communities a better and safer place,” said Kaiser.

Piedmont Newnan created the First Friday Hero program in March of 2019 to recognize first responders each month who have gone above and beyond the call of duty.

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