The Bookmark: Share the love of books at the Carnegie


By SUSAN CRUTCHFIELD, Special to The Paper

Reading has always been a cornerstone of my life.

My mother encouraged me and my four sisters to read all the time. We were even allowed to read at the table during meals! Since I have been working at the Carnegie Library it has been my joy to share my love of reading and books with our community. I moderate the Carnegie’s Literary Circle Book Club, which meets on the fourth Monday of the month at 10 a.m. We read a variety of books in different genres and all members get to suggest and vote on books. We have such wonderful discussions. It’s heartwarming to see how the love of reading can build friendships.

I also love sharing book reviews with our online community. If you visit the Carnegie’s YouTube page at you can find over 100 video reviews from Carnegie staff. You will only see reviews for books we love and recommend. I read books in an assortment of genres so there’s lots of reviews to choose from based on what you enjoy. There are no spoilers in any of the videos so you can watch them without fear of the book being ruined. 

Another thing I love is helping people find the perfect book when they come to the Carnegie. Tell us what you like and we can find a book that will fit you. And if we don’t have it in our collection we can probably order it for you or find someone who does have it. It is such a joy to connect people with a book. And it’s even better when they come back and tell you how much they enjoyed it!

Sharing a love of books can bring a whole community together. I love attending the Decatur Book Festival. A few years ago, Carnegie Young Adult Programmer Elizabeth Ruppel and I were discussing how Newnan would be a perfect place to do a smaller version of the Book Festival. We enlisted the help of the Newnan Carnegie Library Foundation and out of that discussion came the Southern LitFest! It was originally scheduled for June 2020. Well, we all know how that went. We will finally be presenting the LitFest this June 3-5. We have some amazing authors visiting Newnan including Sean Dietrich, Karen White, and Chris Joyner. We will have a lot of fun events including a Lewis Grizzard impersonator and a 3 Little Pigs trial at the Coweta County Courthouse. All these events will be free! You can find out more at

The love of reading is something that can reach across barriers of all kinds and bring people together.  We hope to see you soon at the Carnegie Library so we can share our love of books with you! 

Susan Crutchfield is the director of the Carnegie Library in Historic Downtown Newnan. She also is a professional photographer and enjoys volunteering with the Newnan ArtRez and the Newnan Theatre Company.

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