The Joints: Japaneck Frank


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Everyone has their “go-to” place to eat. It might be with linen tablecloths and waiters in ties, or where you throw peanuts on the floor and carve your initials in the wooden tables. Whatever and wherever, it’s your “joint.”

There are lots of these places around here, and we’re out to find them all in The Joints column. This month – it’s Japaneck Frank, a food truck located at Atlanta Range Ordnance.

Japaneck Frank

This joint is all about something different. Different foods, different cooking styles, different locations … different.

Think flat tops, shrimp, steak, salmon, grilled veggies, ginger sauce, the perfect fried rice and trailers and personal chefs and …

Got your attention? Then go head over to Japaneck Frank, where you will have some of the best hibachi-style plates we have ever had – anywhere. Seriously. Awesome. And another difference? There’s no restaurant and pesking COVID issues – you can get it all from Frank’s new food truck. Well, actually, it’s a food trailer, but it can be hauled anywhere.

You will usually find the trailer parked out at Atlanta Range and Ordnance, 80 Millard Farmer Industrial Blvd. However, always check their Facebook page (search Japaneck Frank) to see what days they are open and where they are. They might be in a neighborhood near your.

Frank and his team also cater. So if you are looking for something a little different, why not an amazing hibachi meal for all your guests with the chefs cooking right there in front of you.  You can also hire them as private chefs, and they can create amazing sushi rolls and other delights, right in your home..

A final word – try their homemade ginger sauce. Just trust us on that.

Phone: 678-633-0528 or 678-756-1906.

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