The Staging Life: Avoid Holiday Decor when selling your House


By Nan Johnston, Southern Staging
Do not get caught up in all the seasonal or holiday décor.  That can be difficult when all of the retailers have had merchandise out since before the 4th of July!  Here’s why …
If you decorate your property that you are selling in seasonal or holiday décor and the MLS photos show these decorations, that can hurt your sale. How? If for some reason you haven’t sold two or three months later and the calendar is already into a different season – questions and concerns start.
A buyer can look at your MLS photos, notice your “last seasons” décor and have a negative thought such as “hum, they have been on the market since Fall.  This is the first of January and it hasn’t sold.  I wonder what’s wrong with it?”  They will start filling in the blanks – overpriced, bad condition, questionable location, on and on.
Have the MLS photos taken, then lightly decorate for the season, if you must.

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