Tuesday: Coweta sets daily record for hospitalizations


From Staff Reports

It’s becoming a regular occurrence – a new day, a new COVID-19 related record is set here in Coweta County.

On Tuesday’s Daily Status Report from the Georgia Department of Public Health, Coweta County confirmed a new daily high of 25 hospitalizations. The previous high of 20 was recorded just 12 days ago. 

In addition, Coweta had 50 new COVID-19 cases and 4 deaths yesterday. 

From August 28 until yesterday (18 days), Coweta has confirmed 1,311 cases of COVID-19, 23 deaths and 107 hospitalizations. Translation … the county has averaged 72.8 cases per day, 1.3 deaths and 5.9 hospitalizations in less than three weeks.

In September alone, Coweta has set new daily record highs for COVID-19 cases (168 on Sept. 3), deaths (5 on Sept. 3) and yesterday’s hospitalizations.

Coweta has a cumulative total of 11,729 COVID-19 cases, 256 deaths with an additional 17 probable deaths, and 595 hospitalizations.

Georgia also saw a steep rise in hospitalizations on Tuesday, going from 372 over the three-day weekend to 560, the 2nd-highest total posted since the pandemic began, and just shy of the record – 611 on Jan. 6. The state confirmed 4,803 cases yesterday with 101 deaths and 54 ICU admits.

Overall, Georgia has 1,169,437 cumulative cases, 20,806 deaths and 76,860 hospitalizations.

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