Meet The Master Gardener: Marcy Ward


By MARCI MOORE, Master Gardener Extension Volunteer

When Marcy Ward moved from Miami, Fla., to Newnan in 1996, she discovered a new world of gardening and friends – the Coweta County Master Gardener Extension Volunteers. 

Marcy put the MGEV program in the recesses of her mind until she knew it would be the right time for her to become a Master Gardener. An employee of Delta Airlines, Marcy could not commit to the 10-week training schedule since she was still working, but as soon as she could, she became a Master Gardener. In April 2014, Marcy graduated from the MGEV program along with 25 other Master Gardeners.

Marcy’s first big project was working the Spring Plant Sale, held at the Coweta County Fairgrounds with thousands of plants available to the public for purchase.  It’s an intense day for Master Gardeners, and it’s the day that the graduating MGEVs learn about what really happens at the greenhouse and the dedication and teamwork of participating in the MGEV program.

When Marcy moved from Miami, she sadly left 160 orchids and roses. In August 2020, she moved to a home in SummerGrove and began planning and planting, using her experienced MGEV skills and knowledge.

She reimagined her plain yard with a patio, a pergola and a new deck.  Her SummerGrove landscape is now meeting her expectations with the help of her handy contractor who brings her vision to fulfillment, despite changes as the project progresses.

As a Master Gardener, she participates in the Spring and Fall plant sales and preparation, the Coweta County Fair exhibit registration, the greenhouse watering team, and the MGEV hospitality team.  A gardening hobby that she enjoys is growing sedums, and she has also worked at Callaway Gardens in the sedum area.  

Her landscape plantings consist of forsythia, azalea, hydrangea, hibiscus, iris, succulents, lavender varieties, heirloom roses and container plantings.  She looks forward to adding plants to her new landscape canvas and continuing her Master Gardener volunteer work.  

Marcy, a joy to be around, always has a smile on her face and is willing to jump in. Like many Master Gardeners, she is on the continuous learning road.  Please introduce yourself to Marcy at one of our Backyard meetings.

PLEASE NOTE: We are pleased to return to in-person Backyard Association meetings.  The Backyard Association meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m. at the Coweta County Extension office.  Each month we feature a gardening expert, and these educational opportunities are open and free to the public.  Pre-register to be entered into the drawing for prizes.

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