WGTC celebrates Events for Academic Integrity Week

Pictured above are (L-R) Michelle Barsom, executive director of Campus libraries; Tim White, machine tool technology chair; Brian Barkley, dean of arts and sciences; Kristen Buoy, vice president of academic affairs; and Jennifer Jiles-Davis, English instructor.

From WGTC Press Release

West Georgia Technical College kicked off this year’s Academic Integrity Week by hosting its annual Integrity Awareness Week, October 3-12.

The event, presented by the WGTC’s Dean of Student’s Office, included highlighted events, panel discussions and resources for each of the campuses with the goal of bringing awareness during panel discussions.

Panel discussion members included various faculty, academic staff and librarians on each campus.

Throughout the 4-day event, the Dean of Students visited campus locations to celebrate and discuss the importance of academic integrity. In addition, students had the opportunity to take the academic integrity pledge to enter into a drawing for Amazon prizes.

“Our faculty and students are about academic integrity and honest work. This week showcases the importance of providing platforms for us all to remember how important academic integrity is at WGTC,” said Melinda Hofius, Dean of Students at West Georgia Technical College.

For more information about West Georgia Technical College’s Dean of Students and academic integrity, visit: www.westgatech.edu/knightcomplaints.

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