Beer, Bourbon and Wine Tasting Event raises $60,000 for Boys & Girls Club


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The Board of the Boys & Girls Club of Coweta County hosted their sponsors, supporters, and friends at the Annual Beer, Bourbon, and Wine Tasting on Saturday night at the Historic Train Depot in Downtown Newnan.

The 250 guests in attendance were treated to a variety of different tastes and flavors of beer, bourbon & wine, along with a delicious light dinner.  The event raised over $60,000 with the proceeds going to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Coweta County.

Click HERE to view the Winters Media & Publishing Photo Gallery of the event.

Dr. Cynthia Finney and Dr. Bob Heaberlin served as Co-Chairs of the Beer, Bourbon, and Wine Tasting.  Dr. Cynthia said, “This event is always a lot of fun and Dr. Bob and I set out to continue our tradition of hosting a successful fundraising event.”

Dr. Bob added that “we sincerely appreciate how the citizens of Newnan and Coweta County come out to support our events and our clubs.”

According to Scott Berta, Board Chair of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Coweta County, “The success of this event is a great example of why the Board of the Boys & Girls Club of Coweta County was selected as the High-Performance Board Team of the year.” 

Scott went on to say that “Our Board is a great asset for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Coweta County as our two annual events, the Oscar Gala and the Beer Bourbon and Wine Tasting, are critical fundraising events in support of our clubs.”  Scott also thanked supporters saying how “lucky we are to be in such a generous community.  We offer a sincere thank you to all of our friends and sponsors.”

About the Board of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Coweta County

The mission of the Newnan-Coweta and Howard Warner Boys and Girls Club Board is to ignite the unlimited potential of kids and teens by creating safe, inclusive, and engaging environments.  Our priorities in fulfilling this mission are:

  • Serve More Kids, More Often
  • Achieve Greater Impact with Kids
  • Realize a Strong Financial Position
  • Build Diverse & Effective Leaders
  • Promote a Culture of Equity & Inclusion

In fulfilling our mission, we hope to realize our vision of thousands of young leaders thriving in life and strengthening the futures of their communities and the world.

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