Change happens: The Shopper is now The Weekly


By JOHN A. WINTERS, Publisher

Change happens. And it is happening now.

Since 1989, The Coweta Shopper has served the readers and advertisers of Coweta County.

My wife, Corby, and I purchased that publication just over five years ago. The biggest change we made was to rename it The Shopper. We wanted the publication to be welcome outside the county.

The other change, subtle and probably unnoticed to most, was to move stories to the top of the page and ads to the bottom. Previously, it was the other way. 

The reason for that latter change was we wanted The Shopper to be, well, more than a traditional shopper. We wanted columnists and stories and more information to use. 

I believe we succeeded in that and I hope you did as well. 

Four years ago, we started The Paper. It has everything on live music, great food joints, recipes from local chefs, great advertisers and much more.

What we set out to accomplish with The Paper was simply to help readers with one simple request: “Give me something to do.” 

And so we looked at The Shopper and thought about its mission, what was it going to answer? We knew the changes we wanted to make, and decided we needed a clean break with the past to do so.

So let us introduce you to The Weekly. You will see many of the same columnists, but you are also going to see many new faces.

And the question we want to deal with in this publication is: “How do I …?” 

The Weekly, like any publication, is going to go through a lot of changes, updates, redos and “what the heck were we thinking when we did …?” That’s okay.

Thanks for reading us and thank you for advertising. Remember to not only shop local, but advertise local.

Until next time.

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