Consider This: What do you think about me?


By Ken Hammock, The Joy FM

During my career I have spent more than 27 years in the radio broadcast industry, more than 12 years as a business owner, 6 years in the military, and I have managed a car dealer, managed multiple radio stations, and often been the sales leader at various businesses.

Regardless of the background or work history, you career can be defined by how you market yourself. What is your personal brand? What do people know to be true, or believe and perceive to be true whether it is or isn’t? What lasting impact in other people’s lives have you created whether you intended to or not?

Your personal brand is yours and yours alone. You cannot blame others. You control your words, actions, and decisions that shaped the beliefs of others. It is the decision to try and please everyone (which never works) or the decision to not care what others may think (which often doesn’t work either) that shape your personal brand.

If you are in the stage of life where you are beginning your career or in a stage of making changes, remember that you become known by others primarily by how you touched their life. Your list of references on your resume’ or your legacy of those who will live past your time will be about your effect on them. Was it good or bad? Did it build up or tear down? Was it truly constructive or selfishly motivated? Were you truly trying to help, or were you just trying to show how much you knew?

It’s your decisions, your actions, and your words that leave the lasting impact. Make it about others.

I’ve made it a priority, as I gather my waning years in a career, to do everything I can to leave behind a legacy of love, care, and knowledge for my grandkids. Sure, I want to live a fairly comfortable end-of-life, (and no I’m not retiring anytime soon) but I am doing all I can now to leave an inheritance for them while I am alive. It may be your own children, your own co-workers, grandkids, or those less-fortunate. But, make it about them. NOT YOU.

They are the ones who will give your eulogy. What do you want them to say?

Let me know if I can help.


Ken Hammock is a 30-year marketing veteran and is the Corporate Engagement Specialist for The JOY FM. You can reach him via email at [email protected].

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