COVID-19 dominates Top 20 stories of 2020


From Staff Reports

It shouldn’t come as a shock that the Coronavirus was the most visible subject on digital platforms for 2020.

In fact, the top 20 most popular stories and/or posts on both the Winters Media and Publishing, Inc., platforms – website and Facebook page – had 14 that were COVID-19 related, including No. 1. The most-read story occurred on March 16 and was one of the first notices the Georgia Department of Public Health District 4 issued regarding the Coronavirus. It surpassed 6,500 views from our digital readers.

The highest-ranked non-COVID story was the arrival of Christmas Candy at Arnall Grocery Company in downtown Newnan. The old-fashioned candy Facebook post drew over 5,000 views.

A meme – No Means No in Social Distancing was third with over 4,500 views, followed by a story on Newnan’s The Alamo closing due to coronavirus and January’s First Friday hero Deputy Chris Stapler rounded out the top five. Other popular non-COVID stories during 2020 included Snow Tubing in the Park, Crumpton Furniture’s Leap Year Sale, Introducing the Mexican Burger at The Mad Mexican, and Can’t Never Could encourages Brain Tumor Awareness.

Below is the top 20 listing of the most popular posts during 2020 on and the Winters Media Facebook page.

1. Coronavirus notice from Georgia Public Health District 4, 3/16

2.  Christmas Candy arrives at Arnall Grocery, 11/11

3. No Means No in Social Distancing, 4/2

4. Alamo closes due to Coronavirus, 3/19

5. January First Friday Hero – Deputy Chris Stapler, 1/15

6. Snow Tubing in the Park, 1/30

7. September deaths in Coweta due to COVID-19, 9/14

8. Crumpton Furniture Leap Year Sale underway, 2/19

9. Easter Meme: Churches to be empty, 4/3

10.  Introducing the Mexican Burger at The Mad Mexican, 8/14

11. Irony defined with Coweta Schools announcement, 8/26

12. Taking Your Temperature Meme, 7/29

13. Nixon Centre Auditorium and Social DIstancing, 7/29

14. Can’t Never Could encourages Brain Tumor Awareness, 4/29

15. Coweta with 45 new COVID-19 cases today, 5/25

16.  If President Trump wore a mask, 7/5

17. Georgia Flu Deaths vs. COVID-19 Deaths Meme, 7/21

18. Comparing March 22 to School Reopening Numbers Meme, 7/28

19. Comparing Flu and COVID-19 Deaths, 7/21

20. Day-by-Day COVID-19 Cases in Coweta, 4/5

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