Coweta Schools Class of 2023 outperforms Nation on ACT College Exam


From Coweta County Schools Press Release

2023 ACT results released in October showed that the Coweta County School System’s 2023 graduates overall outscored U.S. graduates on the college entrance exam.

The school system’s average composite ACT score rose to 21.3 among its 2023 graduates, compared to an overall national composite score of 19.5 and a Georgia composite score of 21.3.

Both Coweta and Georgia average scores on English, math, reading and science sections of the college entrance exam were higher than national averages, and have generally rebounded to pre-2020 levels of performance.

Northgate High students had an average composite score of 22.1 on the exam among 2023 grads.  Newnan High graduates had an average composite score of 21.4. East Coweta graduates had an average composite score of 20.6.

All scores used to calculate this year’s averages are based on 2023 high school graduates who took the ACT at any point during high school.​​​

“We are excited that we are continuing the trend in Coweta County to beat the nation when it comes to our standardized assessments,” said Dr. Puckett, Coweta County’s Director of Instructional Services. “We tied the state in this year’s ACT…but we are also continuing the trend that we started several years ago that every year our scores are getting stronger,” and trending higher even when national scores show declines, said Puckett.

“As I’ve had the occasion to say often lately – I’m incredibly proud of the class of 2023,” State School Superintendent Richard Woods said. “These students were high-school freshmen when the pandemic closed schools in 2020. Their education was severely impacted by the national crisis, but they have risen above and we’ve seen positive news regarding their SAT scores, graduation rate, and now ACT scores in recent weeks. These results also bring positive news in the area of literacy, with Georgia students scoring higher in reading than any other subject area. We will continue working hard to ensure every student has access to a strong education that will open doors to a successful future.”

Coweta’s ACT average performance this year also joins other recently-released academic indicators – including SAT performance and graduation rate – in which Coweta students outperform national and state averages.

 “For both the ACT and SAT we would have anticipated a more significant drop in scores” for Coweta County and Georgia students on both the Act and SAT, Puckett said.  “Instead, we are showing that we are holding our own and outperforming.”

“When you look at all three of our Coweta high schools, they are showing improvement in graduation rates, all three high schools are showing that they’re holding their own in ACT and SAT, and it underscores that our principals and our teachers are doing what they need to do to be sure our students are being supported and challenged,” said Puckett.

Coweta County School scores vs. Georgia, Nation

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