December Trends: Affordable Fashion, Wearing White, Legos and more


By Corby Carlin Winters, Public Relations & Marketing, Winters Media & Publishing Inc.

Each month we cover some of the hot trends from health and wellness, fashion and style, business or even tapping into your creative side.

Fabulous, Affordable Fashions
When someone says something is “expensive,” I always find that funny. First of all no one really knows what you or I consider expensive, right? I have seen John Winters drop a pretty penny on a exquisite knife or a briefcase. And as for me, if I adore something in a resale or consignment shop I rarely pass on it because the fact is I know I may never see it again. So the word “expensive” is relative and value and cost are very different things. But that being said, I adore a bargain and a great deal. And I can spot one a million miles away.

I was recently in Gillyweed for about the third month in a row. I have bought two pairs of jeans, a dress and the latest find was a fabulous pair of velvet pants. I made the comment I love an affordable price point, limited number of outfits and love to shop at my small local businesses. If you feel the same you must check out Gillyweed. Remember clothes do not have to cost a lot to look amazing.

Wearing White in the Winter is wonderful
Please don’t freak out but the truth is white can be worn in winter and it is refreshing and beautiful. I realize this may stress some of you out. So you can either keep an open mind and continue reading or stop right here. Ladies should not wear white linen or white shoes, but everything else goes. I own white velvet pants, white coats and a new white cold shoulder dress I just picked up at Newnan Mercantile on the Square. And as a lot of people know me as the Little Black Dress, wearing white shakes things up in a fun way. So before you say no way, I say give it a try.

All Things Lego
If you love Legos then you will love this timeless trend.  A while back someone told me there was this super cool store at Thomas Crossroads that was filled with Legos and just about every other kind of building toy. The Atlanta Brick Company will buy, sell and trade your Legos. You can also have a Birthday party there.  Basically, it’s a place where it’s okay to be a kid again. It is more than 6,000 square feet filled to the brim with Legos. It is Legos on steroids. There are tables where you can by pieces by the bucket full. There are Lego sets already assembled and others waiting for you to build them.

I cannot tell you the number of times I have tripped over, stepped on, or slipped on some type of these gadgets as the SONS grew up. Most parents have a love-hate relationship with them because they hurt like heck when stepping on them with a bare foot. And keeping them organized is a herculean task.

Once I took Middle SON of Thunder, soon to turn 18.  Before we got out of the car he said “I feel very conflicted. I am so excited but am I too old now?”  Powerful and true words. But the child in us is always alive and well. The Middle SON went from 18 to 8 in a matter of seconds. My favorite experience at the Atlanta Brick Company is seeing all the smiles – regardless of one’s age. If you are looking for that special Lego gift, or you just want to feel like a kid, stop on by. The Atlanta Brick Company is indeed a one-stop shop for all things Lego. Be sure to check out their ad in this publication.

Ponchos, tunics and big woven tops
I remember back when the eldest was in about 4th grade and ponchos were back in style. So I bought my share and all the little girls in class loved mine. I knew I was a fashion hit. They have been in and out since then and are back again. They are comfy, classy and forgiving. And these tops can be belted or free flowing. They are a fun and kicky and look terrific with just about anything, especially skinny jeans and boots.

Sequins, glitter, furs and hats
Holidays are perfect for sequins and glitter and fun furs and hats. But you can really wear those items any time. (okay, maybe not furs year-round) But, if you have the courage and a sparkling personality then go for it. It is so fun with a jean jacket over it and a great pair of jeans. If you want to feel really fab then grab an old fur from a thrift or consignment shop then pair with a leather skirt or even jeans. If dressing up makes you feel great than I am all for it. And if others think you are over the top just simply say what I do: “Dressing up makes me feel good and my shoes make me happy and I want to be happy.” How about you? We need to quit worrying so much about what others think about us and do what we love.

Holiday Decor that makes a huge impact
You do not have to do a lot to make your home perfect for the holidays. Certain areas you decorate can give you a big wow factor. Staircase banisters, fireplace mantels, and specialized Christmas trees are just a wonderful place to start. I also love filling my chandeliers full of greenery and holiday decor. It is fun and unexpected. Holiday decor can put you in the holiday spirit.

Looking for a Blowout 
Ladies of all ages are booking blowout appointments to be primped for dates, holiday parties, fundraising events and just plain old everyday life. Blowout bars, which include a shampoo, blow dry and style, have been all rage in big cities. Salon owner Donna Owens of Parlor 34 Hair has created her own Blowout bar to serve her patrons. Her talented team offers many hairstyles that some of us may simply not have mastered.

The Blacksmith is a Timeless Passionate Trend
Years ago while camping with the Boy Scouts in the middle of woods we came across a nearby festival featuring blacksmiths. I found this one blacksmith and just loved his work, basically buying about every cooking utensil he had made. John Winters loves to say, I am the only woman he knows who can find something to buy in the middle of the woods. That blacksmith even let me write him a check. (Why I had a check in the woods …) Needless to say, I was a happy camper.

Well, I am a lucky girl once again to have met Michael Sebacher, a blacksmith artisan right here in Coweta County. After hearing about him, I took the Youngest SON to go with me to meet MIchael. Now it is pretty hard to impress the Youngest SON, but let’s just say he was totally impressed. And rightfully so. Michael has a studio that rivals most and is filled to the brim with everything a guy would love and in fact, a gal like me would love too.

Youngest got a lesson on how to hold a hammer. Yes, who knew there were specific ways to hold a hammer. And so the teacher emerged. Michael loves creating everything from iron gates, headboards, tables, light fixtures  and even leather creations. My favorites are his unique one-of-a-kind handcrafted pieces of jewelry made of silver and leather from horse bridles. (I have a long wish list which he can’t fill anytime soon.) But I can wait.

Michael’s heart and passion is that of a true teacher and it is evident when he is in his studio sharing his craft with others. He loves sharing his trade and it shouldn’t surprise anyone that he holds a Master’s Degree in Education. Michael founded Artisans Heritage Guild,   which now has non-profit status with the primary goal being the revival of the arts and a school to focus on the artistic traditions that were once so commonplace.  For now he currently offers classes at his studio until the school is up and running. To learn more about Michael visit his Facebook page at, or search using his name.

Give back this Christmas 
The holidays are not just about “you.” That is what I have often told The SONS. As we approach Thanksgiving and Christmas, it is a perfect time to see how we can give and not just get this giving season. There are many nonprofits that can use your help this year and you can check out website.

Corby Winters is known to many as a Power Shopper, the Little Black Dress and a life stylist. She’s crazy about shoes, clothes, accessories, and of course leopard prints. She loves writing, speaking, ministering, life coaching and being with friends, Winters and the SONS of Thunder.

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