June Trends & Trendsetters: Board games, Face Masks, Home Projects and more


Corby Carlin Winters

By Corby Carlin Winters, Public Relations & Marketing

Each month, this Trends & Trendsetters column covers some of the hot trends from health and wellness, fashion and style, business or even tapping into your creative side. There are so many new trends happening in social media, politics, business and fashion. Look for 2020 to be filled with many new ones while still holding on to those timeless trends.

Bringing out the Board games

Board games are good anytime of year, but now is the perfect time. Personally, I have never been much for board games. I hate reading all the instructions and by the time I have I usually call it quits.  I prefer Charades, Twister or the card game Hearts. However, Winters always gloats when he wins and it drives me crazy. He and the SONS play chess as well. I have tried a million times to learn to play, but I am still baffled. So find something everyone can enjoy, it’s a great way to bond.

On The fashion and Style scene

Pull out your white shoes, white purses and favorite white outfits.  Bright colors such as orange and fuchsia are hot for summer as well as chunky jewelry, straw hats, and sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun. Tribal Chick says tie-dye is the summer hit too. If it can be tie dyed then it can and will be tie dyed.

Want to wear a face mask – Go for it

It has obviously become a controversial issue, but most wear their facemasks to protect others. Since reopening is starting, I’ve noticed not everyone is being wise and social distancing.  Wisdom at this time is critical as ever. Be polite to everyone. If you are uncomfortable going out, don’t. If you don’t want to wear a mask, that is your choice unless required to by certain businesses.

Home projects

Since many of us are still spending a great deal of time at home this can be a perfect time to work in your yard, have trees trimmed, bring in new plants, create a special outdoor space by bringing the inside out. Put in a pond or  herb garden. Maybe you have always wanted a fire pit or  an outdoor fireplace. If you do a little bit at a time you will have a lot to show for over time.  And since all the kids are home, it is a perfect time to get them helping too.

Letting go of the Old

Many of my friends have spent weeks purging their closets and garages and well, every nook and cranny of their homes. But one woman’s stuff can be another woman’s treasure so please, before you toss it, think about donating to a worthy cause or non-profit.  love Habitat for Humanity, One Roof, Renew, and Clothes Less Traveled.


Corby Winters is known to many as a Power Shopper, the Little Black Dress and a life stylist. She’s crazy about shoes, clothes, accessories, and of course leopard prints. She loves writing, speaking, ministering, life coaching and being with friends, Winters and the SONS of Thunder.

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