Don Phillips – The Interview


Briefly describe yourself and what you do/did.

I am one who enjoys helping others, was a career banker (45 years) and now a Realtor with Lindsey’s Inc. Realtors.

Best piece of business advice you’ve received.

To be successful, surround yourself with great associates, support them and let them grow.

If I had it to do over …

I would have hung in there with Chemistry and maybe settled into the medical field. 

You are going on an extended solo trip. What three albums and three books would you take?

Oldie Goldies of the 60s, Elvis Pressley’s Greatest hits, and Motown Sounds of the 70s along with a current business publication at the time of the trip, Truett Cathy’s It’s Easier To Succeed Than To Fail, Louis Grizzard’s books like I Took a Lickin’ and Kept on Tickin’, The Last Bus To Albuquerque, When My Love Returns from the Ladies Room, Will I Be Too Old To Care and They Tore Out My Heart and Stomped That Sucker Flat.

Tell us one thing about yourself that few people know

I thoroughly enjoy watching Jeopardy. Amazing minds on that program.

You are hosting a dinner party for six. What five people, living or dead, would you invite and why

Billy Graham, in my opinion the most respected man in this world.

Yogi Berra.  The conversation would be lively with his Yogisms.

Jerry Clower. The jokes would just keep coming and they would all be clean.

Chip Barron.  A true gentleman and friend.

Dennis McEntire.  Would enjoy watching Dennis interact with Billy Graham, Yogi and Jerry Clower.  Oh, the stories to be told!

Name an as yet unfulfilled dream

Would like to travel around Alaska

If you weren’t doing what you are, you would be …

Fully retired, playing golf, fishing and playing with our grandchildren.

Your go-to food.

The 5 Buck Lunch at the Dairy Queen (introduced to me by Clay Hudson and Pat Hooper) – chicken or cheeseburger with minimal to no fries and a chocolate sundae. In and out in 15 minutes! Power lunch!

Favorite movies(s)

Patton and Forrest Gump

Dogs or cats?

Dogs like our “Rosie.” Soon to be 15 years old.

Your favorite quote and why

Has to be Forrest Gump’s quote “Momma said life  is like a box of chocolates, you just never know what you’re gonna  get”.  In my career as a banker, no two days were alike. There was always something new to deal with.  Always interesting and challenging.

Name something that you are extremely glad you did or accomplished

Being named Coweta County Citizen of the Year in 1999.

What advice would you give your younger self just starting out on their own

Learn your trade. Be supportive and encourage those around you. Show your employer you are willing to work.

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