Letter to the Editor: This is what’s wrong with America today


I woke up on Thanksgiving morning with the full intention of counting all my blessings and there are too many to count really.   I offered my prayers of Thanksgiving to my God who gave the rain during the night and the sunshine as I stared out my window.

It was a day unlike any other Thanksgiving because like so many, I was not able to share the meal and the fellowship with ones closest to me.   But, I decided I had too much for which to be thankful, and with the knowledge that the Christmas season was quickly coming upon us, I was going to remember all those who have come into my life and who make my life such a happy one.

And then, I happened to turn on the television to see how others were celebrating this season of Thanksgiving; and what did I see?    Nothing but television ads for candidates blaspheming each other, one on top of the other!   How on this earth did we ever come to this?

Frankly, I didn’t want those greedy people in my home on the day that was set aside to spend time with family and friends and to give thanks for all the blessings that we in America have.   There are so many who are hungry, so many who are sad and grieving, so many who are emotionally and physically disabled, and we need to help them wherever they are and whenever we can.

With Christ’s birthday fast approaching, are we going to have to be inundated with mail about these political figures or can we just please get by with wonderful Christmas cards from friends and family.   Will we be able to watch a Christmas movie or a favorite sports event without having to suffer through these very costly political ads which don’t tell us anything about the hope the candidate is giving us but rather is full of hate for the opponent?  Enough is enough.

I turned off the TV on that gorgeous Thanksgiving Day, and I meditated on how very grateful I am for my family, my friends, all those in public safety who are spending their days caring for me, those nurses and doctors who are exhausted from their dedication to keeping the ill comfortable and helping make them well, all those in the military who are giving their lives for our freedom, and my list goes on and on.

I don’t plan to spend the coming Christmas days watching videos of ungrateful candidates tearing each other apart.   I don’t plan to invite them into my home in any way as I celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

– Norma Haynes, Newnan

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