Local author Chellie Phillips announces release of second book


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Award-winning local author, Chellie Phillips announced the release of her second book, Get Noticed, Get Hired.

It’s filled with tips, strategies and tactics designed to help both a first-time job searcher or a career changer, build a personal career brand that showcases their experience, unique skills and catches the eye of a recruiter or hiring manager.

This is an exciting and important development for today’s job seekers because they’ll learn how to:

• Build a personal career brand designed to make you stand out throughout your entire career

• Create a power resume designed to get results
• Learn to beat the Applicant Tracking Software bots designed to keep your resume from landing in front of a real human being
• Maximize your LinkedIn profile for optimum discoverability and utilize other social platforms to solidify that image.
• Build and utilize your personal and digital network for career success
• Get the most out of career sites like Monster, Glassdoor and Indeed
• Show up more prepared than the next candidate at your job interview
• Learn the secrets to help prepare you for promotion.

In May, typically 1 million college graduates hit the job market after receiving their diplomas. Many graduates who had received job offers prior to graduation this year, have found their offers rescinded due to the uncertain economic times. This year, because of the pandemic’s effects on the economy, it’s estimated as many as 30 million people will be seeking employment once states and businesses reopen.

Competition for the open positions will be even tougher. Everyone from Baby Boomers to Millennials will be competing for the same jobs. Learning to navigate the roadblocks and create an attention getting personal career brand will be vital if you are a candidate ready to land in the interview seat.

The average job posting receives over 200 online submissions and less than half will be reviewed by a real human being thanks to Applicant Tracking Software. It’s designed so that only those applications that most closely match the job posting make it through. Unfortunately, something as simple as using the wrong font, or picking the wrong template can get even the most qualified candidate’s resume trashed before human eyes ever see it.

If you make it past the software, almost 90 percent of hiring managers and recruiters say they check potential candidates out online. In today’s digital world, every share, tweet or post is creating a brand for a job searcher. Learning how to create an attention getting online profile is vital. Using the tactics found inside Get Noticed, Get Hired, job candidates learn how to build a LinkedIn profile designed to make them shine.

This move further strengthens Phillips’ position as a leader in personal career branding.

“In today’s job market, if you don’t get noticed, you won’t get hired. It’s really that simple.  In today’s digital search world, each posting receives hundreds of applicants. If you’re going to land in the interview seat of your dream job, you’ve got to have an online profile and career marketing material designed to make you the most memorable candidate,” says Chellie Phillips, Author, Career Branding Coach and Creator of Successfully Ever After.

Phillips has combined over 20 years of corporate experience in marketing, public relations, and employee development, along with over 15 years of mentoring college students as they began their professional career path to create Successfully Ever After. Successfully Ever After is an online learning program designed to land you in the interview seat of your dream job.

More information on crafting a personal career brand is available online at https://www.chelliephillips.com.
Or please contact Chellie Phillips at 334-796-3258 / [email protected]

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