Location, Design approved for Improvements to I-85 Exit 51


From GDOT Press Release

The Georgia Department of Transportation (Georgia DOT) has approved the location and design of a project to improve the Interstate 85 ramps at Exit 51 onto Georgia Highway  154.

The 0.39-mile project (#0015314) is located in Coweta County at the interchange of Interstate 85 and Georgia 154/Sharpsburg-McCollum Road. The project will extend through Land Lots 42 and 23.

The project proposes adding a second 650-foot left turn lane to the Interstate 85 southbound exit ramp and providing appropriate receiving lanes for the dual left turns. Also proposed is the reconfiguration of the Georgia 154 eastbound approach at the intersection of the Interstate 85 southbound entrance ramp to include two through lanes and one 195-foot channelized right turn lane.

The design and location were approved on Dec. 9, 2020. It’s beginning date is likely two years away.

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