Make the most of your Staycation with these activities


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Staycations have grown in popularity in recent years. A 2018 poll from YouGov Omnibus found that 53 percent of the more than 100,000 participants had taken a staycation at some point, proving that forgoing traditional vacations for relaxing respites in the comfort of home is a wildly popular trend.

While they might not be as exotic as venturing off to parts unknown, the COVID-19 pandemic has created a much greater need for family staycations this year. But remember, staycations need not be limited to days spent lounging by the backyard pool or laying out on the living room couch.

The following are a handful of activities (some may still have restrictions from the pandemic) that can help people make the most of their staycations.

• The wonders of nature: Professional and personal lives can make it hard to enjoy the great outdoors, even when it’s steps from your front door. During a staycation, commit to exploring local parks, hitting the trails to hike or renting a boat or kayak and taking to the water.

• City life: Just because you aren’t traveling far away doesn’t mean you cannot still get out of town for a day. Plan a day trip to a big city within driving distance of your home. See the sights, visit a museum and cap it off with a visit to a restaurant serving your favorite ethnic cuisine.

• “Go” camping: Parents of young children can make a staycation more special by spending a night camping in the backyard. Leave your devices indoors as you sit around the firepit telling stories and making some delicious s’mores. Then set up the tents and sleep under the stars for a memorable night in the “wild.”

• Rainy day: If the weather is not cooperating during your staycation, create a backup plan to add a little life to rainy days. Plan a daylong film festival in which each member of the family gets to choose a movie everyone can watch together. Make sure you have plenty of popcorn on hand and order in a few pizzas so everyone can focus on the films.

• Spa experience: Who doesn’t like the chance to engage in a little pampering when staying in a fancy hotel? That same luxury can be enjoyed during a staycation by booking an appointment at a local spa that offers all the amenities, including a sauna, steam room, beauty treatments, and, of course, massage services.

• A day on the links: The opportunity to test one’s mettle on a new course in an idyllic setting is one golf lovers simply cannot pass up while vacationing. A similar challenge can be found when staying at home. Do a little homework to find the most challenging course within driving distance of your home and then book a tee time, treating yourself even further by indulging in a good meal in the clubhouse once your 18 holes are up.

Families planning staycations can make these relaxing respites at home more enjoyable by incorporating a few unusual activities throughout the week.

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