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By MR. PERSONALITY, Special to The Paper

December, the month for remembering Pearl Harbor Day, the first day of Winter and of course, Christmas.

Christmas in this sweet town of Newnan takes me back to when Christmas was truly an attitude of the heart and not just an excuse to shop til you drop. I find that the true meaning of Christmas is still very much alive all year long here. 

It was this strong positive spiritual energy I felt the moment I stepped foot in this state and town and I find it everywhere I go 24/7. It is truly “love” in the air where people truly care for each other, an example of the Christmas spirit.

Every day I meet people with smiling faces and a happy heart. In fact, I am surrounded by such happy people everywhere I go every day that I cannot help but put a happy smile on my own face and one in my heart. 

Having had the honor and pleasure of living in this amazing town of Newnan for the past eight years, I am truly surprised at the freshness of each day. How each day’s experience is similar yet there are still extreme differences; never growing old but always more exciting.

Every day I feel like a two-year-old on Christmas Eve. This surreal feeling of total excitement has been with me throughout the past eight years, day after day. This, my friends, is truly loving life to the fullest, a gift from divine spirit. 

I have come to understand that God, love and life are indeed more than words can express and I discovered that the very day I moved to this state and town one day after another. 

I am writing this very column at 3 a.m. and as with every column I write I relive my daily blessings, positive experiences and constant state of euphoria that overwhelms my heart, mind and spirit with gratitude for having such experiences in the first place. Another constant gift of divine spirit.

As you may have guessed from my books of the month, I truly appreciate books, all books. Some I truly like more than others, however every book has its purpose. Some books are for learning from, such as “how to books.” Some will take you on amazing adventures and other books will challenge your deepest ingrained beliefs. 

For every book I read about religion, I read a book written by an atheist simply for the contrast challenge. 

This month’s book is titled “Reincarnation For The Christian” by Quincy Howe Jr. Many early Christians believed in reincarnation and this very book addresses many aspects of reincarnation.

I myself am a believer in reincarnation. The church has used its vast powers against such belief and both sides of this issue are addressed. There is much food for thought in this book. Reincarnation fits in with mysticism like a hand in a glove. 

Until next time, peace, love and respect.

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