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By MR. PERSONALITY, Special to The Paper

March, the highlights for the month are Daylight Saving Time begins and St. Patrick’s Day.

The last month and a half have been an amazing spiritual experience that I cannot put into words. This happens most often and is followed by a book being placed in my path that puts my amazing experiences into the proper perspective. This then becomes my Book of the Month. I will discuss this later in the column.

I recently re-discovered the amazing National Geographic. They have amazing true stories with great pictures as well. They cover everything from plants to insects, animals to sea life and all forms of the human being that exist all over the globe and outer space. Just one magazine can convince you that God does indeed exist. This amazing magazine started in 1866 I believe and it is one of the most underrated magazines for what it does.

They send talented people to remote places all over the world, as well as to the bottom of the ocean and the tops of the highest mountains. They show how we are all truly connected to all of life and to each other everywhere.

My old issues of National Geographic magazines shall keep me entertained to the end of my days as I intend to read every story in every magazine I have and I might even buy more someday. 

I believe my re-discovery of these magazines and my higher levels of spiritual growth are truly connected, as both give me a greater awareness of God. This is a spiritual awareness of God as opposed to an intellectual one.

When we seek intelligence and understanding we are truly in ego as God is not found in the head but in the spirit. This brings me to my Book of the Month. It is titled “Everything Belongs, The Gift of Contemplative Prayers” by Richard Rohr, a Franciscan priest.

This book was sent to me from one of my kindred spirits following a month and a half of surreal spiritual experiences that I had no words to express. This book put my spiritual experiences into proper perspective.

Everything Belongs is in so many ways our total God-experience as in everything belongs in our spiritual and religious life experience. All of what and what we are, the good, the bad, and the ugly are all part of my spiritual experience. Everything counts, nothing is left out of our spiritual experience.

To find God we are to step away from defining God in or through our intellectual mind. I encourage my readers to experience this book for themselves. Through a spiritual understanding that is building a solid foundation of faith, we come to know we are connected to Divine Spirit, to each other and to all of life in its many forms.

Until next time,

Peace, love and respect

Mr. Personality

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