Mr. Personality: November – the month to be thankful


By Mr. Personality, Special to The Paper

November, the month for Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving Day, my favorite holiday.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday simply because believers and non-believers all have something to be thankful for.

On Sept. 26, I came down with what I am sure was the dreaded virus, a true nightmare. I stayed in lockdown in my home for 13 days and then I had to go to Piedmont Hospital for an infection in my left leg. 

Piedmont Hospital was a true blessing to me during  the six days I was there. The entire staff from the person who cleaned my room to the person that picked up my trash to the people who brought my food, to the transporters, to the nurses and doctors, everyone knew their job and truly liked what they do. All had amazing personalities.

I was to stay off my feet for another seven days. A total of 14 days, which will take me to Nov. 8, and we will go from there. 

My good friend Larisa Scott put it out on my Facebook that I was sick and there was a large outpouring of love and prayers from all over town and Coweta County. That happened again when Larisa told them I was in the hospital. 

I came home to a ton of mail, cards and prayers and constant phone calls and it is still that way even now. People dropped food and drinks by my door, plus other items such as snacks almost every day. So many nice people want to do me a kindness of some kind. My heart is overflowing with gratitude and sincere love.

I am not sure when I shall be able to return to work in the Square and on Temple Avenue; hopefully after Thanksgiving Day. 

I am truly behind in my letter writing and I have a ton of letters and cards to respond to. Many of my cards came from people I have never met and all were filled with love and goodwill and prayers. 

From the day I attended “Boomer’s” funeral I knew I was living in a truly spiritual-filled town. The very outpouring of love and respect I saw that day I have experienced  for myself for the past eight years. 

I want to express my sincere heartfelt gratitude toward all of Newnan and Coweta County for their love and kindness over the years and during my sick spell. Keep watching my Facebook page for updates on my recovery as it may be a while before I can catch up on my letters.

Thank you all my dear friends ever so much, I am truly blessed to be surrounded by such loving people.

Until next time, peace, love and respect. If you would like, you may write to:

Mr. Personality
Spiritual Love Letters
c/o The Paper
P.O. Box 757, Newnan, GA 30264

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