Mr. Personality: Carnegie Library, Book of the Month and more ramblings


By MR. PERSONALITY, Special to The Paper

November, the month for Veterans Day and Thanksgiving Day, is truly my favorite holiday as I have so much to be thankful for.

One such blessing I am truly thankful for is that I live in a country in which I have the freedom to express my heart, mind and spirit in public and others have the very same freedom to agree or disagree with me. This is indeed a great country.

For example, I express my freedom to carry two Black Lives Matter signs, not intended as a “political statement,” but simply out of a sincere love and respect to the people of my community in which I live.

I am finding that the Courthouse Square is indeed expanding with many new amazing stores coming soon, most are still in the early stages of becoming a reality.

The Carnegie Library has been of great service to me for the past eight years I have lived here. There have been many positive changes over the years and I see more coming soon. 

Susan Crutchfield, the Carnegie director, has a great staff. Everyone is friendly and willing to be of help. Susan and her staff are working together to make the Carnegie Library a great place to visit.

There are a lot of programs for adults and for children almost every day of the week. I suggest you experience the Carnegie Library for yourself. It is located at One LaGrange St. on the Courthouse Square. Phone is 770-683-1347. Tell them that Mr. Personality sent you.

Every year after having moved to this sweet town I am still meeting such positive and talented people to be of help. What a great experience it is to feel such open and heartfelt love everywhere I go.

This brings me to my very favorite part of my column, the Book of the Month. Having received a spiritual awakening from divine spirit, I have since become interested in the story of mysticism and interspirituality. This month’s book is titled “The Mystic Heart” by Wayne Teasdale.

Mysticism is indeed an universal spirituality throughout the world’s religions. It is indeed a direct, immediate experience of ultimate reality. There are many types of mystical spirituality and these are addressed in this book. 

For those that are interested in mysticism they will find this book to be a true treasure in and of itself. I am reading it again and it never fails to excite my spirit as mysticism is proof indeed that divine spirit truly belongs to all of humankind and not to any one group or religion. 

In fact, mysticism is older than any organized religion and is indeed found in them all.

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Until next time, peace, love and respect.
Mr. Personality

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