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By MR. PERSONALITY, Special to The Paper

September, the month for Labor Day. Summer fun has come and gone as it’s back to school and a return to the books.

I was inspired to pass out my personalized book markers and those who wish to have a “free” Mr. Personality bookmark can find them available at these fine shops: The Carnegie Library, B. Young Beauty Studio, One Eleven, Corner Arts, Red Letter Merchant, House of Light, Happy Life Nutrition, The Hug Box, Gillyweeds, and Hubbell Proctor Design. Get them while supplies last.

On Aug. 5 I turned 73 years of age, I had a most fun-filled Happy Birthday weekend. On Aug. 6 Chris Mark and his wife and friends presented me with an award on behalf of the Modern Woodmen. Go to for more detailed information. The award claimed that Mr. Personality was to be a “Hometown Hero.”

All of this took place on Market Day in front of the flag pole side of the Old Courthouse. My dear friend Michael Scott, philosopher, Sunday School teacher and bagpipe enthusiast showed up in full Scottish attire and honored me with three or four tunes, one of which was of course, “Happy Birthday.”

Five other dear friends honored me with their handshake, as well as a few people passing by. I left on a cloud of euphoria, yes indeed.

I would like to give a shout out to my good friend Holly Reese of Holly is well trained in the art of self defense and is serious about her calling and career. This can be seen in her clear instructions and demonstrations of self defense tools. She can be reached at 770-845-8526. Tell her Mr. Personality sent you. 

The Market Day did seem to have a good turnout. However, I did notice that from corner to corner,  the flag pole side was the only open space. 

The Book of the Month is titled “Killing Jesus, A History” by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard. It truly brings the story of Jesus to life. I can smell the sheep, camels and even the men, women and children as they crowded into the noisy temple. 

The book was spellbinding and the footnotes added details and information not found in the Bible. The detail of each play in this life’s drama of a man called Jesus was indeed very real. I suggest you experience this book, story and Jesus for yourself. You will feel that you are truly there in person.

Until next time,

Peace, love and much respect,

Mr. Personality   

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