Mr. Personality: March Book of the Month and other Ramblings


By MR. PERSONALITY, Special to The Paper

March, the month for St. Patrick’s Day and the first day of Spring.

I heard that there is a bookstore coming to the Courthouse Square. I have yet to confirm if this is indeed a fact, but I sure am excited at the prospect that we may enjoy a bookstore on the Square once again.

I simply love books. I love the smell of new books and the smell of old books. Books are friends that are always there for you. They will never let you down. 

Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read. Sorry, I just could not resist that old joke.

For a person that does not attend church as in a brick and mortar place of worship, I am always having “church” everywhere I find myself in this sweet town. On the street corner, around the Courthouse Square, at any of the shops and restaurants. Anywhere there are people I find that “”church is taking place.”

I am experiencing church every time I speak to someone, no matter if they are a believer, a non-believer, an atheist or whatever, I am truly having church outside of church. It is also known as the Golden Rule where you treat people as you would like to be treated and the rest is simply complementary.

My many adventures and spiritual experiences never fail to amaze me. For the past nine years I have had the most exciting life of my 72 years. 

Every day is indeed overflowing with love, joy, happiness, smiles, hugs and positive energy and vibrations. My life is truly flowers, puppies and sunshine every day.

I dance, I giggle, I laugh out loud. Twenty-four/seven, I am truly in a constant state of euphoria. I am truly experiencing unconditional love everywhere I go in this spirit-filled town. 

The Book of the Month is titled “Misreading the Scripture with Western Eyes” by E. Randolph Richards and Brendan O’Brien. 

The authors point out that as the Bible stories take place in the Middle East, those of us living in the western world may find that our different cultures can indeed be a stumbling block to fully understand the intentions of the Biblical stories. Cultural differences do indeed tend to affect our interpretation of scripture.

I recommend this book simply because it can add awareness of our mindset when we attempt to understand and to be understood. We often understand what is said while not understanding the meaning behind what is said.

There is more to this book than I can cover, read for yourself and discover what you might be misreading in the scriptures. It is indeed a reminder to me to be ever more aware to be clear in my conversations.

Until next time,

Peace, love and much respect.

Mr. Personality.

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