Mr. Personality: Downtown Newnan, Book of the Month and Other Ramblings


By MR. PERSONALITY, Special to The Paper

June: The highlights for this month are D-Day on the 6th, Flag Day on the 14th, Father’s Day on the 18th, and the first day of Summer on the 21st.

I shall revisit Seldon’s Barbershop for my Summer haircut. Seldon is an old school barber, I highly recommend and appreciate his profession and skills. Tell him Mr. Personality sent you. Shop local and respect the old-schoolers.

Sisters Three is an interesting new boutique located on Greenville Street. A most unique boutique that you must experience for yourself. Tell them you saw it in John Winters’ free The Paper.

I found another amazing batch of National Geographic magazines at the Hospital Road Library. All are of a vintage date and all are truly a treasure trove of information with amazing pictures. The subject matter shows how all of life is truly connected throughout the entire world and universe. Every book contains many adventures, yes indeed.

I would like to give a shoutout to my dear friend Faith A. Farrell, AKA “Frosty.” Faith has an essay in the Coweta Magazine called “Getting Frank With Faith.” She is a very talented writer for sure. I swear that her picture was taken when she was 13 years old, but she says not. Faith is an accomplished artist, my good friend, and a joy to be around.

Ever since I read the book “Holy Moments” by Matthew Kelly, I have been experiencing nothing but holy moments each and every day, truly amazing.

I have noticed that as my flesh and blood body declines, the more my spirit grows and shrinks. Daily positive experiences encourage me to follow my spiritual journey, to focus upon my faith in Christ Jesus, and share my spiritual adventure with all walks of life.

I now have over 600 spirits to converse with, text, write, and share my Spiritual Love Letter Ministry as much as I can. Such is indeed my God-given purpose for my remaining earthy experience.

This brings me to my favorite part of the column: The Book of the Month. Each book is chosen to impart wisdom and knowledge, as well to be entertaining, in depth, and in scope.

I am giving more space and thought to my Book of the Month to extend the highlights and key points in greater detail. This Book of the Month is titled “Faith That Pleases God” by Bob George. The author’s main point is that (A) We Christians are saved with our faith in Christ Jesus, not through works, prayers, or intellectual thinking; but simply through faith in Christ Jesus. 

As such there (B) is nothing more for us to do as it has all been done for us through Christ Jesus, we therefore (C) need to only accept what God has freely given, our salvation through Christ Jesus shed his blood on the cross. The very same blood (D) covers our sins forever more even to this day. The author points out overwhelming evidence of the New Testament that our sins have been forever forgiven.

Therefore, we can not fall in and out of (E) fellowship. We are either in fellowship and saved, or we are out of fellowship and lost. The author also provides scriptures throughout this book that should be read more than once. An exciting read for sure.

Until next time,

Peace, Love, and Much Respect

Your friend Mr. Personality

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