Mr. Personality: Happenings around the Square in downtown Newnan


By Mr. Personality, Special to The Paper

February, the month for Ground Hog Day and Valentine’s Day.

For the Valentine’s Day shopper, keep in mind that you can order your chocolate from Let The Eat Toffee, located at 18 North Court Square, phone 770-683-0137. And you can get your flowers from Murphey Florist located at 6 LaGrange St., phone 770-253-5424. It’s a one-stop shopping experience right on the historic Courthouse Square.

It seems that Mrs. Genelle Davenport has retired. She will indeed be missed by all of Newnan.

I have truly been amazed by the strong spiritual energy and vibration I have felt permeating this very town of Newnan everywhere I go. It is truly very strong at the Courthouse Square, ever since I moved here eight years ago. From Day One I noticed this spiritual essence flowing throughout this town in all directions. 

I have discovered two new amazing stores that have good products and equally amazing staff. Karvelas Pizza Co. is one of them and they are located at 7 LaGrange St. Phone is 678-633-5620. Cleaver and Cork Butchers, located on 9 LaGrange St. is the other. Their phone is 470-414-1291

Both places have been Mr. Personality approved and I shall be found visiting both due to the food, service and the sparkling personalities of the talented staff. 

I now have 403 kindred spirits on my God-given spiritual love letters ministry’s mailing list.

You may have noticed that my reading list I recommend with the Book of the Month do indeed match up with my spiritual journey in that both book and path simply mirror each other, both in written content and through the spiritual experience I write about. 

Divine Spirit places books of wisdom in my path that I apply to my daily life in accordance to the way they speak to my heart, mind and spirit. It is such books that I recommend in the Book of the Month.

This month’s book is titled “A Case for God,” by Karen Armstrong, written in 2009. Karen explores and explains how religion has become the foundation of humankind throughout history – from the primitive age of the “shaman” to today’s modern age of spirituality. I found this book to be a case for religion as opposed to a case for God.

It explains how and why religion serves a purpose to all of humankind throughout history and why it declines in today’s modern age. A truly informative and interesting read. 

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