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By MR. PERSONALITY, Special to The Paper

December, the month for Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, the first day of winter and of course Christmas Day.

To have a greater understanding of Pearl Harbor during WWII and the hell our brave military heroes had to face, read the book titled “Killing the Rising Sun,” by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard.

Let us embrace the first day of winter without fearful expectations and be open-minded to what this winter may bring, such as a renewed bountiful spring in all its glory, bursting forth in bright colors, blooms overflowing with bees and butterflies.

Christmas Day is of course intended to worship Christ Jesus, a season of love and joy to be shared with family and friends. Remember, Christ Jesus is to come before thoughts of gifts as Christ Jesus is the one true gift.

We have a new amazing store on 13 West Washington Street where The Hug Box used to be. Words fail me to express this store overflowing with such amazing shining and sparkling treasures everywhere you turn. It is called “Junk Starlet,” the owner is Jessica and is a sparkling treasure in and of herself. Tell her Mr Personality sent you.

Slowing down since COVID 19, the Courthouse Square is making a comeback slowly and surely. Many new places are about to open soon and by spring the Courthouse Square may well be in full swing.

One of my favorite hangouts is Gillyweeds, they are always stocked full of surprises as well as many state of the art gifts. Go see for yourself.

John Winters has been busy adding new and interesting features to both The Weekly and The Paper. Both publications have information you can’t get anywhere else for the Courthouse Square, Newnan and Coweta County.

I happened to find my Book of the Month for December and in an interesting way. On November 9, Divine Spirit through the VA’s office, blessed me with an appointment at the Thomas Eye Group to have my cataracts removed at some point in time, restoring my vision to a greater degree.

I not only experienced a kind and friendly staff, every aspect of my visit was truly amazing to include meeting Dr. Patel, who explained the corrections to my eyes in detail. I am looking forward to my return visits soon.

While I was in the waiting room, a gentleman walked in with a book titled “How (Not) To Read The Bible.” This gentleman, who said he was a member of Dogwood Church, simply gave me the book. It is written by Dan Kimball and focuses on how to make sense of scripture that is causing much concern among its members. 

I could not put this book down. This is of course another book you need to experience for yourself. I do indeed recommend this well written book.

Peace, love and much respect,

Mr. Personality.  

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