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By MR. PERSONALITY, Special to The Paper

January, the month for a brand new year, brand new hope and dreams of things to come … plus the MLK holiday.

I am excited to live still yet another year in this sweet town of Newnan that is indeed overflowing with positive spiritual energy everywhere I go. In my heart and mind, this town is truly heaven on earth.

This shall be my fifth year of writing my column in John Winters “free” Paper, truly an honor and a pleasure.

I shall expand upon my book of the month and I encourage my readers to experience each book I recommend for themselves.

Speaking of the book of the month, let us go there now and notice how each of my books lead into the next book, connecting each one on the same topic – going ever more deeper with each column

The title for this book of the month is “The God Argument, the case against religion and for humanism,” by A.C. Grayling. To say that this book is a controversial read would be an understatement.

This book is a classic example of my reading habits and methods. Whenever I take a stand for or against a subject or topic, in this case religion, I look up books with opposite views and opinions to better challenge my current position – to simply activate my mind’s thinking abilities.

This is indeed a very productive method I found that gives me much information about said topic that I otherwise would be unaware of or overlooked completely.

I often debate such books in my mind, same as I would if the author was standing in front of me. The title of the book pretty much says it all, the author does indeed make his point of view very clear.

However, I feel that the author is being too ambitious simply by wanting to replace all of religious teaching with the philosophy of humanism. Even if that was possible, it would take at least a millennium to make the transition.

The author overlooks the fact that the church and all religions have created tradition that resists change of any kind. The biggest problem with both sides of the issue is that human beings are involved and human beings tend to be messy as well as very contrary and contradictory.

I recommend this book for those that would test themselves in this manner and are interested in learning about the opposite viewpoint, thereby providing even more insights on any topic using this method. 

Until next time,
Peace, love and much respect
Mr. Personality.

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