Mr. Personality – May 2018


May, the month to enjoy to the fullest before the intense heat of summer is upon us. I have a lot to talk about now that the Main Street events have started. We had our first Market Day of 2018 on April 7th, the Spring Art Walk back in March was a great success as was the Taste of Newnan on April 12.

I loved to see all the many happy people, the largest crowds at both events having a good time all around the Courthouse Square and you can bet I was having a good time as well. So many free hugs and conversations to share wore me out, but I was still smiling when I left. Have I mentioned that I truly love this wonderful town?

The treasure of the month for the Courthouse Square, the best kept secret in all of Georgia, is “The Parlor Downtown” and “The Parlor Downtown Boutique.” They are two shops right next to each other located on 5 LaGrange St. Both are owned by Heather Pridgen, one is a great place to have your hair done up special or just a simple haircut done by Heather herself.

The Boutique next door is a wonderful shop stocked out with many top of the line products of all kinds. Lots of colorful spring and summer attire with lots of accessories to choose from. I just love the way everything in that shop is so fresh and unique; a must see and experience for yourself boutique.

It is simply worth visiting just to meet the lady that runs the shop Tuesday through Thursday. Her name is Vikki Lynn and she has a sweet sparkling personality that is bigger than she is, another must see for yourself.

Next up are two amazing people I had the honor of meeting a few weeks ago that left an impression on me that this town is simply overflowing with talented people. T.M. “Mike” Brown, the author of The Shiloh Mystery series, has written two books titled “Sanctuary” and “Testament” and is working on book number three. You have seen him and his wife with their books at Corner Arts. Mr. and Mrs. Brown are an amazing couple and I enjoy conversing with them at every opportunity.

The next amazing up and coming personality and music star will soon be Katie Mix, the 17-year-old offspring of Richard Mix, the owner of Full Circle Toy Store. They are selling Katie’s music CDs at the low price of $5. I suggest you buy one now before she becomes the next Madonna.

I am in the process of having Katie Mix on my Goodwill Ambassador show on 99.1 FM on Thursday, at 9:30 a.m. at some point so Newnan can hear from her firsthand, her hopes and plans and I can not wait to buy the next CD. Katie has that girl next door appeal and I just love her blue hair and sunglasses look. She is already dressing like a star.

Each day of life is a gift from the divine spirit and I pray that I am making the most of it by sharing my joy and my God-given gift with all whom I meet daily. I am truly living Heaven on Earth.

Thank you

Until next month, love

Mr. Personality.

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