Mr. Personality – August 2018


August, the month of extreme heat, the dog days of summer and the last hoorah for parents and children alike as road trips, BBQs, and water parties come to an end.

Two thumbs up for everyone in the Fourth of July parade. There was a great turnout with lots of enthusiasm being shown and I just simply loved that futuristic looking robot near the end of the parade.

The treasure of the month for the Courthouse Square, the best kept secret in all of Georgia, is Deal-4-Dollars, located on the corner at 2 Greenville St.

Deals-4-Dollars have items that you truly need at prices that you can afford, such as clothing at 70% off, health and beauty aids, detergents, cleaning supplies and much, much more at a low, low cost. Be sure to tell them Mr. Personality sent you and take a wheelbarrow to hold all your deals.

The Market Day on Sat. July 7, was truly remarkable as there was lots of vendors and lots of people looking for great bargains. The Courthouse Square was overwhelmed by the crowd from start to finish. I love Market Day, my good friend Mike Reams has my favorite Fire Mountain coffee. It is yummy. You can reach Mike at his Fire Mountain Coffee Company by calling 770-304-8979.

Each Market Day I am impressed by the amazing face paintings I see. Kellie Sheard, owner and artist of Kool Kidz Face Painting, is truly talented. Painting a masterpiece on canvas is one thing, but to paint a masterpiece on a two-year-old’s face … you need to be more than good.

I would love to see Market Day and Farmers Market expand in number of vendors and in crowd size. In fact, the Courthouse Square has a lot of offer in general. It is a great place to paint on the sidewalks and don’t forget the Greenville Street Park, great for both picture taking and for painting pictures of the park.

Be sure to welcome the new kid on the block, Sarah Barr, owner of The Cookie Barr, located at 8 East Washington St. She has tasty cookies and is to be serving Fire Mountain coffee, a great double treat. You can watch the cookies being made as you wait for the freshest batch to come out of the oven if you want.

Yes, you can find Mr. Personality at the Cookie Barr from time to time. In my spare time, I make my way around the Courthouse Square, keeping my eye out of what’s new and of course conversing with everyone that I can.

In my last column I wrote about my God-given purpose and my spiritual love letters to all on my sharing list. If you would like to be on my sharing list and receive a spiritual love letter from me, you can write to:

Mr. Personality

Spiritual Love Letters
c/o The Paper
PO Box 757
Newnan, Ga., 30264

Thank you and until next time,


Mr Personality.

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