Newnan Piedmont Requests National Guard Help As COVID-19 Numbers Soar


Following is a statement from Mike Robertson, CEO of Piedmont Newnan:

“The fourth COVID-19 surge has put a strain on many hospitals and due to a need for additional staff members throughout the state, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp has offered to deploy the state’s National Guard to help hospitals as needed.

“Piedmont Newnan Hospital has requested assistance from Gov. Kemp to deploy the National Guard to our hospital and we should know with the next 24 hours on commitment and date of deployment, but estimate sometime next week. The hospital has asked to receive combat medics, who can assist with the high numbers of COVID-19 patients, largely unvaccinated and requiring a higher level of care.

“Piedmont welcomes and appreciates the support of the Georgia National Guard so that its facilities can continue to provide safe, patient-centered care to the community. 

 “To help combat this surge, we encourage those who have not been vaccinated to do so quickly, and for everyone to continue wearing a mask, watching your distance and washing your hands. In this current surge, we are seeing younger demographics, between ages 18-39, being hospitalized and dying as a result of COVID-19. We need to stop preventable deaths.”

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