Letter To The Community From Piedmont Newnan CEO


Over the past week, Piedmont Newnan Hospital – like many hospitals across the state and most of the country – has seen a record high number of coronavirus (COVID-19) positive patients as we continue this third wave of the pandemic, as well as an increase in overall patient volumes for reasons other than COVID-19.

Trends indicate that about 9 percent of all COVID cases result in hospitalizations, and so as cases increase, Piedmont’s numbers are no different from any other system in Georgia.

For the time being, we are encouraged by our experience in treating COVID patients, with improved pharmaceuticals and protocols allowing us to make significant progress and achieve better patient outcomes. Our staff, though stressed and tested in previously unimaginable ways, is more committed and resilient than ever. 

Gov. Brian Kemp has opened the Georgia World Congress Center as a COVID-19 overflow care facility amid a record surge in cases in the state. It will maintain an initial capacity of about 60 beds, and is expected to be operational by today and could stay in operation through January.

We need your help in stopping the transmission of this disease so we all can be safer. We have begun vaccinating our employees and physicians but until COVID vaccines are widely available to the public, which remains several months away, it remains critical that we continue to mask up, wash our hands, maintain social distancing practices, and stay diligent in our fight against COVID.

 We are consistently planning for ways to manage capacity – locally and across our system – during this pandemic and otherwise. It is unknown when we will reach the peak of this third wave or how long it will last, but we remain prepared to face the challenges this pandemic presents.  

Due to a high patient census, and the recent surge in COVID-19 patients, Piedmont Newnan is reviewing surgical cases requiring a hospital stay of longer than 23 hours and temporarily postponing those that are deemed elective. 

We continue to allow one support person (visitor) per patient per 24 hours for those patients who are not COVID-19 positive.

We’re so thankful for the incredible team we have here at Piedmont Newnan and their hard work and dedication to keeping our community safe. Additionally, everyone at Piedmont Newnan appreciates the trust our community has placed in us during this extraordinary time. Your outpouring of donations, prayers and words of encouragement help us keep caring on and are needed now more than ever.

Thank you for your support, stay safe and wear a mask, wash your hands, and watch your distance.


Mike Robertson
Piedmont Newnan Hospital CEO

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