Notes from Jackson Street: A recommendation for Lisa?


By JOHN A. WINTERS, Publisher

“Lisa – recommendation.”

That’s all it says. 

And I have been hitting the little “later” button, basically a snooze button on this To Do app I use, for several days now. I do that simply because I am at a total loss.

Let’s rewind.

I am, at heart, a journalist. I was a bureau chief in Washington, D.C. and have run papers from Alaska to Georgia, with a few stops in between. I’ve written more stories than I can remember over a nearly 40-year career.

I am also a note taker. That would appear obvious since I’m a journalist, but I am referring to writing down quotes I read, jotting down something funny someone said, ideas and reminders to pick up the milk.

An aside. Ever notice how you are headed off to the grocery store and your significant other asks you to get (fill in the blank). You say “sure,” and head out the door and you start hearing “please get X, Y, and Z too. Oh, and we need A, B and C as well.” You finally give up, grab a pen a paper (or a smart phone app) and go, “what was all that again?”

Okay, we are now leaving the “aside” and going back to the “rewind.” 

With two newsprint publications, and now adding two high-gloss, high-end magazines to our little media empire, I have a lot to remember. So much so I carry a little notebook with me pretty much everywhere. 

I also have a nifty little calendar/task app on my smartphone. Sometimes it is just quicker to type something – like a new meeting – right on the phone app and be done with it.

Like I said, I have a lot to remember and my To-Do or Tasks or whatever you want to call it can sometimes be rather lengthy. But there is a great deal of satisfaction crossing off another “to-do” on that list. (Cue Queen’s “Another One Bites The Dust”.)

Another aside. All those new “journals” that “DO AWAY WITH YOUR TO-DO LIST FOREVER” are, in fact, just supercharged to-do lists. I mean, you make a circle next to your project and start filling it in as it progresses. Of course, this is after you’ve set your three goals for the day. THEN we pause for our Zen moment. And after getting more of your circle done, we have reflection time.

But here’s the question regarding your fancy little Tao journal – did you remember the damn milk?

Okay, let’s leave the “aside” again, and honestly, we’ve had enough of the “rewind.”

Back to “Lisa – recommendation.”

I have no idea who Lisa is. I have no idea about any recommendation. Let’s just go ahead and admit I don’t know if I am supposed to give a recommendation for Lisa, or if I’m supposed to ask Lisa for a recommendation.

Or for that matter, whether I am supposed to recommend someone to Lisa. 

Obviously, I did not provide enough information on this particular to-do to make it worthy of being an actual to-do.

Thus my constant “snoozing” of this particular task, because, well, my head hurts.

So, Lisa, if you are out there, let’s come full circle or jump the shark or meet up or (fill in the blank with whatever term) and help me remember what this evaluation is all about. 

Because at some point, I’m just going to have to scratch you off the list.

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