Notes from Jackson Street: To Mask or Not To Mask


By John A. Winters, Publisher

And yet another issue that is splitting our country in two – to mask or not to mask.

On one hand, wearing a mask is like putting up a chain link fence to stop mosquitos. On the other, it will save lives. Which end of that spectrum are you?

It is your Constitution right, it’s an inalienable right and a gift from God that one does not have to wear a mask. OR. It has nothing to do with the Constitution and we’re pretty sure God is a little more busy right now to bother with this debate.

It’s my right versus medical science.

It’s the demoRATS, libretards Bill Gates and hell, space monkeys, against our God-given rights and YOU CAN’T MAKE ME WEAR A MASK. GO ‘Murica. No, it’s about science and saving lives.

Maskers are wimps. Only non-maskers will survive this devious plot to bring America to its knees. Survival of the fittest.

Non-maskers are just idiots.


For the record, we are a small local business. Correct that. We are a micro business. We have – literally – a handful of employees. We are a marketing and advertising agency that uses print publications and social media to help other micro, small and (fill in your size) companies  expand their business, increase their customer base and get sales to soar.

In other words, when local businesses are shut down because of virus restrictions, we feel it. We certainly have “a dog in this hunt.”  We do not survive without them.

We really want our local businesses open. But we want it done in a safe manner backed by science and not some discredited “scientist” who can prove there is no virus in the first place – that someone found on the Dark Web, or Facebook for that matter.

Business owners have certain rights in this. They can set their hours, decide whether to be open on Sunday, decide what to stock. They also have the right to post signs that say: no shoes, no shirts, no masks … no service. They have a right to protect themselves, their employees and their customers.

If you don’t agree with that. Don’t go in. It is actually that simple.

And if you walk into a restaurant and no servers are wearing masks and too many people are taking up too many tables for your comfort level. Just don’t sit down. How about just ordering  takeout and support a local restaurant. Yes, that simple.

Some final thoughts on this issue.

  1. Be polite in all instances. Even when you disagree.
  2. If you start a post with “Not sure if this is true or not but I’m just putting it out there” … don’t/
  3. If you are quoting a scientist, medical expert, tiger trainer or whomever and their advice or “discovery” goes against the conventional wisdom of the time, check their credentials before posting their blasphemy.
  4. Please don’t quote statistics unless you really understand them, and the footnotes as well.
  5.  In just about every instance, the Constitution is not in play here.
  6. Show respect
  7. To quote an old Rolling Stones song, “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.”
  8. If you are wearing your mask and diligently following the “arrows” in a grocery store, please don’t make a major scene if someone is going the wrong way.
  9. Be kind
  10. There are bigger battles out there right now that we, as Americans, need to address.

Stay safe.

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