October Tips, Trends and Trendsetters


By Corby Carlin Winters, Marketing/Public Relations
Winters Media & Publishing
As a longtime counselor, life coach, as well as working in ministry, my goal is to help others be their best and do what they are passionate about. Each month we cover some of the hot topics from health and wellness, fashion and style, business or tapping into your creative side. This month, we are focusing on “F” words.
Finding your fitness fit
Specialized gyms, clubs, fitness and exercise facilities are popping up all over the country and it is no different in our neck of the woods. You can find just about everything from the YMCA to bootcamps, martial arts, yoga, toning tables, 24-hour sports gyms and fitness centers.

Finding the right place and what works for you is so important, especially before you sign a contract or pay your dues. Many years ago when the SONS were little and attending First United Methodist Church preschool, I would drop them off and head to Piedmont Newnan Fitness Center. It was a perfect spot since it was right near their school. So now fast forward and I am back driving the middle SON to high school and once again it is incredibly convenient to just pop in to the fitness center.
Piedmont is a classic and tried and true fitness center.  You won’t find blaring music videos. But what you will find is a wonderful community of very caring friends. Kind of like a family.  They will even ask you where you’ve been if you skip a week or two.
As the saying goes, if you don’t use it, you lose it. Staying active is critical to overall long term health. So check out Piedmont or any of the other area fitness centers. Find the one where you feel inspired and empowered working.
Fall Fashions
I have a passion for finding great deals when I shop and I love helping others do the same. In the south it is always fun to see fall arrive since we have mentioned last month it will be easy this fall to get your trendy side on whether you hit the department stores, the small boutiques and even non profit thrift shops to find many of these goodies or just shop in your own closet.
We will see dusters, more wraps, shapes and sizes. Plaid is back, but don’t flip out and do head to toe. A little bit or just a touch goes a long way.
Thrift stores such as New Beginnings, One Roof and Salvation Army can be a mecca for great buys. I hope you enjoy the hunt you will have in these shops. You have to be willing to invest time to find the goods.
Here are some hot fall fashions that you may want to pick up or that you may have in your very own closet: Dusters, sweater wraps, bell sleeves, embroidered clothes, scarves and leopard and animal prints are always a great idea and I believe it is a fashion staple. As much as I love them I usually only wear one animal print at time.  For example just shoes or just a purse and pair it with strips but that is just me. There are no real rules when it comes to that.
I picked up a terrific duster last winter in Downtown Newnan at C.S. Toggery and a wrap at Lee-King Pharmacy and The Blue Fern Merchant and they are still perfect for this season’s trends. Lucky me. So remember to check out what you have in closet so you will know what pieces you will want to add.
Fashions for the girls in your life are especially fabulous this fall and you can head over to Kendra Two or Target’s children’s department.  We have been blessed with the three Sons of Thunder and so there are no little princesses in our home.  But I do so love seeing all the darling girls clothes. And this season there are  ponchos, wraps, embroidered shirts, darling metallic shoes and so much more for the Fashionista in your life.
Fall décor
Fall is such a fun time to decorate and it is really so easy. You can start as early as September and then add and take away décor as you like. And when I say I love to decorate, I mean I LOVE to decorate. So here are some ideas to help you get started if you haven’t already.
Mums are a perfect addition to any front porch and they will last through Thanksgiving.  Real or faux pumpkins are perfect for any house and you can add your Halloween décor and then just take it down and everything remains perfect for Thanksgiving. You can pull in gourds, corn stalks, real pumpkins and florals in from all the orange, bronze and brown family. I use lots of baskets, glass pumpkins and garlands.
If you are looking for a fast and fun DIY project then fabric pumpkins are perfect. Just grab some scissors, thread, fabric, hot glue gun, batting and some faux leaves. It you don’t have spare fabric you can cut up an old velvet shirt or anything else you like. And in no time at all you will have some one of kind pumpkins.
This is super easy to do and here are just a few I put together but if you need help then call Charlotte Dubose Lunsford at Create, Grow and Sew. She teaches young and old. She offer ladies night’s out and children’s sewing classes as well.