September Tips, Trends and Trendsetters


By Corby Carlin Winters, Marketing/Public Relations
Winters Media & Publishing
Each month I want to cover topics that you care about and can help you improve your life. As a longtime counselor, life coach, as well as working in ministry, my goal is to help others embrace their lives and live in their passions and purpose. I love helping others face life challenges head on ~ whether it be in health and wellness, fashion and style, business and yes, even the kitchen.
Kitchen accessories that make you a Pro
Are you an awesome cook or do you want to be?  Either way, if you want to have a blast in your kitchen may I suggest that you check out Downtown Olive on the Square in downtown Newnan. You will be amazed at the vast supply of kitchen gadgets and tools.  It is basically a one-stop shop for almost all your kitchen needs. They even have custom-made paracord handles for your large Yeti cup. You can find great grab and go gifts, unique salt and pepper shakers, and more than 200 inspirational and fun dish towels.

Downtown Olive also has at least 40 cold pressed extra virgin olive oils infused with regional flavors. They also carry all kinds of vinegars, and both those items will enhance your recipes and make you feel like a pro in the kitchen.  Best of all, they sell reusable bottles in a variety of sizes so once that bottle is empty, just return it and only pay for the refill.
If you regret not having a Green Egg on Labor Day, you can still buy one at Downtown Olive. They have almost every Green Egg accessory and all the supplies you could ever need. It’s great to have these kinds of stores right here so we can shop local and not have to go to Atlanta.
I am blessed that Winters loves to cook and he is quite good. I love to cook as well but our styles are not the same. When my parents passed away I kept many of my mom’s wooden  spoons and measuring cups. Maybe one day your kitchen gadgets will be passed down to your children and they will also have great memories of their times in the kitchen with you.
Got an itch to pitch
There are those that simply have the gift of getting organized and cleaning house. They have no problem pitching, purging and giving away things they no longer need. Fall is a perfect time to purge our stuff since children are back in school.
If you have the itch to pitch, clean out the clutter and/or just do a deep clean, let me suggest you call Nook and Cranny Services and their owners Tara and Greg Wright.  As Tara explained, they named the business Nook and Cranny because that’s how deep they clean. Cleaning is their passion and helping others walk in freedom and serenity from their stuff is a large part of their mission.
Just like Winters, Tara’s husband Greg is a minimalist while Tara and I have a lot (emphasis on “lot”) in common. However, I am still in the process of learning to stay organized.  And I do love to pitch and donate my things to several non profits (One Roof and New Beginnings for example) and share stuff with friends. For me some things are easier to let go of than others. But Tara has learned to let go of things that aren’t needed anymore to make room for the new things God has in store. She too understands the struggles many face with holding onto things they no longer need and works to help them change their lives for the better.
Hot fall fashions that are fabulous and forgiving
I love a cool breeze in my hair and the smell of pine in the air.  It is hard for me to not get excited about Fall.  Ok, it may still be 80 degrees but let’s call it Fall anyway.  I use to get all excited when it was time to head back to school because I was looking forward to all the fall fashions.  Fall fashions are in shops all over our neck of the woods and at Wedgewood Boutique at Wesley Woods,  store managers, Joan Achee and Miss Francis Goodson told me that ponchos are back!
Also trending are fluffy, comfy wraps, sweaters and roomy tops.   Boots make a perfect addition to anyone’s closet. They are timeless.They can be worn with just about anything. The best news about wraps and ponchos is that they are as forgiving as shoes and purses. They always fit.
The hottest color for fall is red in every shade, especially deep burgundy, plum and fuchsia. Jackets, boots and heels made of velvet are trending too. I do love velvet. I remember when it was so popular years ago – it can be chic and fun at the same time.  This season head to toe denim is calling, which used to be considered a glamour don’t.
Yes, I said it, white can be worn in the Winter.  I know that makes a lot of people uncomfortable but it is true. I can’t wait to pull out my old ponchos and wraps because they are timeless. These are some great ways to look fabulous this Fall.
Random Acts of Kindness
I have to be honest, I love getting presents. I really do.  (This is where Winters says, “Really?!) But I also love giving them, especially when they are unexpected.  Just this week I gave a purse to a dear friend of mine. When the eldest was dating this darling young lady I gave her a knock out pair of my  high heel shoes for the prom. I am still smiling about that one.  It is said that it is better to give than to receive.  That is particularly true when you see the joy it brings to another.
Too my surprise just the other day I was working out and my friend Rhonda Donaldson, co-owner of the Good Buy Girls, who sells eclectic and one-of-a-kind antiques, as well running estate sales, ran in and gave me a pillow I have wanted forever.  Rhonda knew how much I adore the pillow and said I might just get it one day.  And unexpectedly Rhonda hand-delivered it to me and It made my day!  Whether paying for the person’s order behind you in the drive thru or giving a present when some least expects it, giving unexpected gifts and paying it forward are timeless trends.