Mr. Personality – June 18


June, the month of lazy days and warm summer nights. I hope to see large crowds of people spending their free time exploring the many amazing shops and down home style restaurants. This would be a great opportunity to take pictures and build memories.

A big salute and two thumbs up for our Newnan Police Department during the protest of the neo-Nazis. They did an excellent job protecting our beautiful town.

The treasure of the month for the Courthouse Square, the best kept secret in all of Georgia, is Southern Charm, a vintage marketplace located at 8 Greenville St. It is owned and run by Holly and Amber Gleasure. This store is truly packed with amazing treasures for any and all occasions. Be sure to stop by and see for yourself.

There are three brand new shops that just moved into the Courthouse Square, such as B. Young Beauty Studio and Spa, at 5 Jackson St.;Sea Glass Therapy on 18 Perry St.; and Newnan Mercantile at 15 North Court Square.

I have visited each of these unique places and I shall be writing about them in greater detail as well as interviewing them on my Mr. Personality Goodwill Ambassador Radio Show, which airs each Thursday at 9:30 a.m. on 99.1 FM.

Speaking of interviews, I had the honor and pleasure of having Plenty Raven Feathers, a shaman priestess, on my radio show May 10. You may have seen her walking around the Square, her picture and short story is in the local paper for Wednesday, May 16.

I was delighted to speak with her both on and off the radio as we seem to have many of the same spiritual experiences. She is indeed a kindred spirit. Her personality is like a people magnet as it draws people toward her everywhere she goes. I am looking forward to conversing with her at every opportunity.

This is one of the many reasons why I love Newnan, the way everyone is accepted and embraced by all. You are free to be you just as you are. This I know from my own personal experiences.

I love speaking to anyone that is willing to engage in conversations about my spiritual experiences. I have been meeting so many open minded people and open hearted people in the process. In fact, I have 140 people on my mailing list in which I share my joy, spiritual journey and divine love of God.

I refer to my writings as spiritual love letters. To me, this is my God-given purpose. I am to reach out to the spirit of each person in friendship and spiritual love as I am to spread joy and goodwill everywhere I go.

I have never felt the deep love for or from others as I do now each and every day. This town is filled with spiritual love and divine joy and I am in a constant state of euphoria. Every day I am surrounded by people that want to do me a kindness in some form. I am indeed truly living heaven on earth.

Until next month,


Mr Personality.

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