Seven gift ideas for soon-to-be graduates


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It would be an understatement to say that it has been an interesting few years for the Class of 2022.

Due to the pandemic, many soon-to-be grads spent a significant portion of their school years adapting to a changing landscape, both at school and at home. While it is an accomplishment to reach graduation in a “normal” situation, students who have succeeded and thrived in the face of pandemic-related adversity are worthy of extra celebration.

Graduation gifts are a great way to show grads how proud you are that they stayed the course in the face of significant challenges.

Here are seven gift ideas for graduates.

1. Journal: Graduates are about to start new chapters in their lives. Either a blank journal or one with writing prompts can help grads get their thoughts on paper to document both the many moments that will shape the next few years.

2. Mascot- or school-themed offerings: If a high school graduate will be going on to higher education, then visit the college or university’s spirit shop to purchase anything from sweatshirts to blankets to coffee mugs featuring a school logo or mascot. On the first day of classes, the new student will already feel part of the team.

3. New wardrobe: Graduating means forging new paths, whether in a career or through additional schooling. Grads can look the part with several items from a favorite retailer. Those who are unsure of the graduate’s style can purchase a gift card and let the grad go on a spending spree.

4. Framed school photo or map: A piece of artwork can evoke strong emotions of time spent on campus. Frame a black-and-white or sepia-tone print of the aerial view of campus, or opt for an official school tour map, which indicates buildings and other points of interest. This could become a cherished keepsake.

5. Bedside organizational pouch: Dorm life requires maximizing a small amount of space. An organizational pouch or pocket can keep essentials such as a tablet, book, reading glasses, and remote control close by and organized without taking up a lot of room. Some are designed to rest over a couch cushion or slide between a mattress and bed frame.

6. Automotive essentials: Graduates will be facing all sorts of new expenses, so easing any sort of financial burden can help them in a big way. Vehicles tend to be major financial drains for teens and young adults. Prepaid cash cards, gas station gift cards, vouchers for car washes, and even gift cards to an automotive supply store can help graduates direct their funds elsewhere.

7. Personal coffeemaker: Many people feel coffee is essential to make it through the day. Graduates who will soon be studying for college exams or those waking up early for their first forays into the workforce may appreciate an on-demand pick-me-up. Coffeemakers are much more streamlined these days, and there are pots designed to use loose grounds or special pods to produce cups quickly.

Shoppers can explore many interesting options to commemorate the accomplishments of the class of 2022.

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