Summary of Tuesday’s Coweta Board of Education Meeting


From Coweta County Schools Press Release

The regular monthly meeting of the Coweta County Board of Education was held on Tuesday, June 9, 2020 at 6:30 p.m., at 237 Jackson Street in Newnan.

Public access to the board’s meeting was available live on YouTube, beginning at 6:30 p.m. (Coweta County School Board Meeting – 06/09/20 The Board’s agenda and supporting documents can be found by going here (eBoard Meetings Listings) and selecting the link for 06/09/20.

The meeting was the first regular meeting for Evan Horton as Coweta County’s new Superintendent of Schools, and was presided over by Chairman Amy Dees.

  • The Board heard an update from Superintendent Evan Horton on the status of the system’s planning efforts for a return to school in August.  Horton said that school system and school administrators are completing plans for a return to school based on state recommended guidelines, with the goal of “a safe and healthy return to school” on August 6.

Those state recommendations are set forth in the set for in the Georgia’s Path to Recovery for K-12 Schools document issued in June by the Georgia Department of Education and Georgia Department of Public Health.  Georgia’s school restart guidance  classifies counties in three levels of impact by COVID-19, including “Low/No Spread” of the virus, “Minimal/Moderate Spread,” and “Substantial Spread.”  The majority of Coweta County School System’s planning efforts for school restart is focusing on the state’s guidelines for a community designated with “Minimal (to) Moderate” spread, which is how Coweta County is currently designated.

The state guidance provides various paths to restarting the school year under “Minimal (to) Moderate” spread of the virus. The Coweta County School System is focusing on providing students with traditional face-to-face instruction, if conditions allow, while putting various preventative measures in place where practical. The school system is also developing a distance-learning/remote-learning component for students, if parents prefer that option for their child on August 6.  The goal of the system will be to return to as traditional a school day as possible as conditions allow, while also providing parents options, Horton said.

Horton said that the initial draft of the system plan is being finalized and is being sent to school principals and regional health authorities for review.  Horton also noted that he, School System Curriculum Director Karen Barker, System Comptroller Chris Latimer, and School Nutrition Director Keshis Williams are continuing to serve on state restart committees which are reviewing state advice for school systems in their planning for the new school year.  Horton said that health conditions, and state recommendations, could continue to change in the coming weeks.  Following continued review, however, he anticipated notification of parents and the public of the system’s restart plans soon.

  • Assistant Superintendent for Finance Keith Chapman provided the Board of Education with the second of two public budget workshops, as the Board prepares to adopt a new school system 2020-21 budget by the end of June.  During the workshop, the Board reviewed the proposed budget for the school system’s 2021 Fiscal Year, which begins July 1, 2020.  Budget information presented at the workshop may be viewed at  (under District Information, click on the Budget, Financial, and SPLOST Info tab for “Budget Information – FY2021”).

Following Tuesday’s workshop, the Board anticipates a tentative vote on the FY 2021 budget on Tuesday, June 16, at 6:30 p.m., at a called meeting at 237 Jackson Street in Newnan, followed by a final vote on Tuesday, June 30, at 6:30 p.m.

Chapman also provided the Board with a May budget report.  As of the end of May, the school system has  completed 91.67% of its FY2020 budget and expended 88.03% of its budget.  For the month of May the system was under budget by $1,606,565, and cumulatively under budget by $4,793,786 for the year.

School system ESPLOST sales tax receipts were $2,073,704.64 for May which is below the system average (of $2,166,890.98 monthly) for the last 12 month period.  Receipts decreased $56,005.36 from May, 2019 receipts and decreased $303,977.03 from April 2020 receipts.  Sales tax collections are down 2.63% from the same month last year. Sales tax collections for the most recent 12 months are still 7.10% above the prior year, Chapman said.  Sales tax collections for the last 12 months have totalled $26,002,691.76.

  • The Board approved a renewal of its GSBA Simbli Solutions Module subscription and Simbli’s policy maintenance service for the coming year.  Simbli Solutions is an online service that allows for public posting of policies, laws, the system strategic plan, and meeting documents.  It also allows alignment of these important documents.  The superintendent recommended approval of the module subscription and policy maintenance service in the total amount of $18,320.00.
  • The Board approved a change order for the East Coweta High School Parking Lot project. Approval was requested for a change order to add a water quality unit at the East Coweta High School Parking Lot Addition.  This item is needed to meet requirements for Coweta County water quality standards, and cost $22,090.10.
  • The Board approved an Intergovernmental Agreement between Coweta County and the Coweta County School System to repair the storm drain system at the athletic field at Evans Middle School. Deterioration of the storm drain pipe has caused large sinkholes in the athletic field.  The estimated project cost is $99,100.00.
  • The Board approved a change order for the Northgate Tennis Court Change project to repair the tennis court substrate.  Upon removal of the old asphalt, it was discovered that the condition of the subgrade did not meet project specification for density.  The geotechnical engineer evaluated the conditions, quantified the area to be remediated, and made recommendations for remediation.  Recommendations are to recondition the subgrade with a soil cement mix to achieve the required density of the subgrade. The change order cost is $51,590.00.
  • The Board approved a request to add a Computer Science Principles course to school curriculum. Approval of the course will allow compliance with Senate BIll 108.  This statute mandates that beginning school year 2022-2023, each local school system shall provide that all middle schools in the school system offer instruction in exploratory computer science and beginning in the 2024-2025 school year, each local system shall provide that all high schools in its system offer a course in computer science.
  • The Board approved resolutions for Certificates of Completion for Arnco-Sargent Elementary, Moreland Elementary and Eastside Elementary Gym HVAC and Reroofing projects and Newnan High School Reroofing projects for Buildings 5080 and 5090.
  • The Board approved a proposal submitted by Beck Educational Services to provide custodial services at Westside/Burwell, Maggie Brown Alternative School, East Coweta Middle School, Central Educational Center, Smokey Road Middle School, and CCSS administrative buildings.  Beck Educational Services submitted the high scoring proposal with a total score of 85.77 points and a total annual cost of $497,326.32.  The service period of this proposal is July1, 2020 to June 30, 2025.
  • The Board approved a proposal for trash pick-up services at all locations.  The low bid was submitted by Georgia Waste Systems, Inc., in the amount of $3,969.94 per week for the period of July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2025.
  • The Board also heard updates from Superintendent Horton about several ongoing or upcoming facilities and construction projects:
    • New Middle School on Shaw Road – The project (which is scheduled for completion and opening by August, 2021) is proceeding.  Installation of underground stormwater piping is substantially complete. Fine grading is proceeding around the site. Installation of other underground utilities is proceeding. Underslab electrical and plumbing installation is proceeding. Floor slabs have been poured on sections A, B, C and D. Erection of structural steel is proceeding. Installation of curb and gutter on driveways Is 90% complete.
    • Northgate High School Addition, Renovations & Modifications – Subcontract bids were received on June 4, 2020. While the project is still tentatively scheduled for completion by summer 2021, the school system is reviewing project phasing and scope of the high school addition and renovation project to ensure that the project is aligned with anticipated reductions in school system ESPLOST revenues.
    • Security Upgrades at Newnan Crossing Elementary and Thomas Crossroads Elementary – Work has commenced at both locations and is scheduled for completion in the summer of 2020. With completion of these schools, all Coweta County elementary schools will have the SHIELD security system in place.
    • Centegix System – The Centegix Security System is being installed at all schools and administrative facilities utilizing State security grant funding. Equipment installation is scheduled; for completion by June 17, 2020. Administrative training has been completed.
    • Middle School Gym HVAC Modifications – Electrical connections are proceeding on units at several locations. The project will provide HVAC at all 6 current middle school gymnasiums.  Installation of mechanical pads is complete. All HVAC equipment has been delivered.  Final inspections are scheduled for June 22, 2020.
    • Nixon Centre Addition and Renovations – Work is progressing on the addition. Installation of curb and gutter is complete on the new parking lot. Gravel base should be installed this week. All masonry work is complete. Electrical and plumbing rough-ins are complete. Electrical devices are being installed. Kitchen equipment should be delivered later this month. HVAC units have been installed. Roofing on the new addition is complete. Painting is proceeding and installation of floor covering should begin later this month.
    • High School Tennis Court Replacement – Installation of the new tennis courts at Northgate High School and East Coweta High School is underway. Remedial work on the subgrade at Northgate H.S. is ongoing. Based on inspections by the geotechnical engineer on June 5, 2020, additional remedial work at NGHS will be required. Grading at East Coweta H.S. is complete.
    • Sewer Line Extension to Northgate High School, the new Shaw Road Middle School, and Canongate Elementary School – Extension of the main trunk line is being completed under an intergovernmental agreement with Coweta County Water & Sewerage Authority. Installation of the main trunk line is proceeding. Work on on-site collector lines is underway.  Both phases of the project are scheduled for completion Summer 2020.
    • East Coweta High School Paving – An additional traffic lane on the west car rider drive and turning lanes on Old Highway 16 are to be constructed under an Intergovernmental Agreement with Coweta County. Paving has been installed and fine grading is complete. Permanent grassing should be installed this week.
    • East Coweta High School Parking Lot – Demolition of the old tennis courts is complete, and grading is proceeding. Project completion is scheduled for July 10, 2020.

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