The Journey: One ends, a new one begins


By SAMANTHA BRAZIE, Special to The Paper

Happy month of Thanks, friends! I have recently decided to end my tenure of more than four years writing a monthly column in The Paper. Per some excellent advice, I am including my Facebook announcement below so you can see why I made this decision. 

Thursday, October 5th was the day I was promoted to General Manager of the company I love most in the whole world. 

Since you know my story, you know that me coming from humble beginnings is a drastic understatement. As a child we moved constantly – even in the same town – and my family lived paycheck to paycheck for lots of reasons. Same was true for Keith, for even different reasons. And that was the last thing we wanted for our children. So, we decided to plant ourselves and once we were finally able to be stable, we had peace in breaking the multitude of cycles we grew up in so our kids had the best chance. 

Greg was the catalyst that cemented all of that for me. He took a chance on me when advised not to. I took a chance on him by taking a drastic pay cut and becoming a marketing coordinator with no marketing budget. I grew as a person, we grew as a company. He took more chances on me as I continued to show him what I was capable of. And it’s not just me, he is an amazing person with a mentor’s heart and our entire team has been blessed to see it again and again. He once told me he thought God brought me to him. I know God brought me to him and this company. 

We have the best people. I would put everything I own on them, that’s how much I believe in them. Every single one of them. Our team is strong, our culture is healthy and we have proven we can do anything together. 

Sometimes we just have to believe that when we do the right things and surround ourselves with good people, good things will happen to us. We have to trust other people if we’re going to move forward in life. All of us have our unique Journey, none of us do it alone. 

My goal in writing this column for over four years was to encourage everyone reading that they CAN DO ANYTHING they want to. No matter what roadblocks, speed limits or seemingly impossible tasks lie ahead. Doesn’t matter what your background is. What matters is who you are and the choices you make. Starting today and then day in, day out. At any point we can make another decision to change the trajectory of our lives. We decide our destination. We decide what the next chapter of our lives look like. Don’t ever allow anyone else to take that power away from you. Especially your own inner voice. 

So with that friends, my column will come to an end with unlimited thankfulness in my heart. My Journey will continue as will all of yours. I hope to pop in again, here and there. And I look forward to seeing all of you living your best life in the most amazing community there ever was.  

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” – Lao Tzu

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